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I am a new Christian, just having been water baptized a week ago, but I have had an amazing relationship with God for quite some time. I am a mother to four amazing people, a grandmother three times. Two months ago I moved from Canada to Australia to continue my life with a most incredible Christian man. These are exciting times and most definately a need to get serious about God’s workings and our obedience to Him. There is much for me to learn (and unlearn) and coming to this site is no accident. I am very grateful for such comprehensive references and the learning that is so readily available here. I openly and willingly accept any suggestions from anyone about anything that you may think I should know, learn, research, explore, practice. Looking forward to getting involved.

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  1. 2bapartofsomething says:

    Let me be the first to welcome you. I, too just recently joined. Anxious to see where God will take all of us together on this journey. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    God Bless. 🙂

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