Judgment on America?

The congressional elections are coming up in America in a couple of days, and many evangelical Christians will be hoping that the Republicans will win. Republicans are seen as more Christian by a lot of evangelicals and so they tend to give their vote to the Republicans. Because I have a Christian website I get spam mail from Republican political activists, I get on their mailing lists and so on. It is assumed that, more or less, God is a Republican.

We know that the Democrats are usually championing causes like a woman’s right to kill her unborn child and so forth, things which God calls murder, so its hard for believers to vote for them. Democrats seem to be more favorable to the homosexual political agenda, and are generally more in tune with pagans and those who reject traditional Christian morality. So a number of evangelical groups have lent their influence to the Republican party.

The Republican party is different to the Democrats. The Democrats say they are PRO abortion – pro CHOICE is what they call it. They are PRO death. At least they are honest about it. I think its honorable to be honest about one’s intentions.

The Republicans say they oppose abortion, but they don’t stop it. They are pro DEATH also, but death to their political opponents and the citizens of other countries who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They say they can’t stop abortion, but it seems that they can stop democracy. George Bush as commander in chief of the war and terror can do anything he likes, with or without congessional approval or the approval of the courts. The Republicans CAN go in and destroy foreign nations, and start trouble that leads to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. They can arrest people without a trial, and torture them. They say they are pro-family, but many times it seems that prominent republicans practice homosexuality, and I understand George Bush has appointed at least one openly practicing homosexual as ambassador to a certain European nation. But George Bush says that he is a born again Christian, and that he prays, and Bush is an honorable man.

Is America more righteous than other nations in the world? Are its spiritual leaders above reproach? Are its political leaders above reproach? America has had more gospel preaching than any other nation on earth. To what extent has all this resulted in moral reform, in the practice of justice and truth?

America is a democracy. You can vote for the Republicans, or the Democrats – any other vote won’t count for anything unless another party arises which is bigger than one of these two giants. You can vote for the war on Iraq, the stripping of Civil Liberties, the rise of a Police State, or you can vote for the Democrats, who may or may not be for all those things also – its too early to tell. The main difference between the two parties in practice seems to be that Democrats seem to have a concern to use tax money to help build the chances of the poorer people – Republicans seem keen to use tax money to spend on armaments and so on. Both parties are for spending money they don’t have and sinking the nation into further debt, but the way they propose to spend it is a little different.

The prophets of America are telling us that we should vote for the Republican party because George Bush is a Burning Bush raised up by God, and the prophets of America are honorable men, even if some of them are or have been practicing homosexuals, adulterers whilst in the ministry and making these prophecies. And even if most of their other prophecies contradict each other and/or don’t come to pass, who are we to judge the Lord’s anointed?

The prophets of America told us many things that would happen beforehand, but they always publish them after they happened. They told us that they prophesied the fall of the Berlin wall, but we only found out about it after it happened. I seem to remember a lot of books were written that Russia was going to bring forth the Antichrist. When the prophets of America publish their predictions beforehand, they usually don’t come to pass, because see, people prayed, and God changed his mind. So the prophets are performing a very useful function. They are helping the stargazers and astrologers to not look so bad, because their predictions also generally don’t come to pass. Some prophets told us that California was going to be destroyed by an earthquake, it seems, but then God changed his mind. Some have predicted the crash of the Stock Market, but mostly they have predicted that its going back up. I think we can safely predict that the markets will go up, and that they will also go down. The prophets of America, however are always right, even if they are wrong.

Some of the prophets of America have told us that “God will not judge America”. They have told us that it is time to have a good belly laugh in the Spirit. They tell us that we should not tell people that they are sinners, but that they are full of potential and should laugh their way into the Kingdom of God. What a load of hogwash. Are people really so gullible? Has the search for some new thing in Christianity come to this, that the basic principles of the gospel message are now to be abandoned?

Of course there are dissenting voices, and there are real believers and no doubt there are true prophets in America also. But they don’t seem to be having a major voice there. It seems that many of the true Christian believers are hidden, whilst those who peddle the Word of God have come to the fore. I mean, the more you sell your teachings for profit, the more TV time you can puchase and the more people are going to see and believe you.

I don’t know what will happen in America, but I would not be surprised if America gets a severe chastening. Maybe we should pray that the Democrats win the elections, so that at least Americans will KNOW that their government is profoundly anti-christian in its policies. Now most don’t seem to realize it.

Am I saying these things to butter people up? Am I saying these things to win friends and influence people, to build up my e-mail list and to sell more books online or something? No. I am saying these things because I do not wish to acknowledge in ten years time that I remained TOTALLY SILENT concerning my convictions on things that ARE affecting the health of the Body of Christ and the strength of our Christian witness around the world.

I pray God raises up holy prayer warriors and intecessors, people better than myself, and that only good will happen there. Because there are many many wonderful people in America and I think for their sake God may yet pour out a great blessing, even in the midst of judgment.

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