Judgment Day May 21 and other false predictions

As expected by all Christians who take the words of Jesus seriously, the Rapture did not happen as Harold Camping predicted on May 21.

Its amazing how people can ignore the clear teaching of Scripture

But of that day and  hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. (Mark 13:32, KJV)

If anyone claims to know the time of Christ's return, they are seriously deceived.

Harold Camping's followers got one thing right – the need to publicly warn people of the coming judgment of God. I wish Christians would do this properly, and not in such a way as to expose Christians generally to ridicule.

There is something about people who teach the pre-tribulation rapture – they are very prone to deception. There is a whole Christian industry which has sprung up around this teaching, and many Christians spend lots of time watching the news for "signs of the end" instead of doing what Jesus plainly taught us to do – to make disciples who do things as Jesus did them.

I am still unconvinced that the pre-trib rapture can be supported BIBLICALLY. See my article on the subject. It just seems to go against almost everything Jesus and the apostle Paul said on the subject.

Christians who were deceived by Harold Camping's message and sold their houses to finance billboards are guilty of ignoring the Words of Jesus Christ and listening more to men than God.

But there are MANY WAYS to ignore what Jesus said. I would suggest you become ultra-educated on what Jesus said so you can have a chance of conforming your life to the will of the Father.


Mockers concerning the second coming are a fulfilment of Bible prophecy

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