John Taylor from California, living in SLC, Utah

John is a very nice man that I have met resently, he is really looking for the right someone in his life. He is full of un, Laughter and very Zealous, I found this very attractive, but also very hard, because you see, i was raised LDS And by the GRACE of GOD i was delivered from it. John believes he has seen jesus in person, and that jesus told him to read the Book of morman, the Docterine and Covenants, and the pearl of great price. But as a Christian, I know how these do not lign up with the Bible, and I know how they are told to pray and to know that that is the true church they will have a burning in their bossum, But you know that once you are born again, you feel clean, like never before! I am not doubting he saw someone, but even satin can appear as an angel of light. My prayers for him are that he finds the true Jesus of the Bible, not the one that id made up and satins brother as the mormans teach. Thaone who was in the beginning and all things were made through and without him nothing was made that was made. Not the angels, not the planets not the sun moon and stars. Also, I have compassion, for he has never been married and he would like his own children, so I would ask that all of us pray for this man for he really is a delightful man, just missled!

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