Joel Osteen on Larry King – won’t say if Unbelievers Go to Hell

It is sad when the "pastor" of America's largest church is so incredibly wishy-washy on the issue of WHETHER MANKIND HAS AN ETERNAL PROBLEM.

If a doctor knows the patient has cancer, but just covers it up and says sweet ambiguous words of comfort without naming the disease and the consequences, is such a doctor doing a favor to the patient? NO! A THOUSAND TIMES NO! To be a good doctor, you must be willing to first of all DIAGNOSE the disease, even if it is an unpleasant thing!

Doctors who refuse to give a diagnosis for fear of upsetting people should lose their license to practice medicine. In the same way, preachers who refuse to give a diagnosis on the most basic issue of man's guilt before God, should be thrown out of their pulpits.

Regarding Joel Osteen, I think he is a great motivational speaker, but I do not think he is a faithful preacher of the gospel. If he wants to preach the gospel, he should preach the WHOLE COUNSEL of GOD and stop hiding behind the excuse that it is "not his calling" to do so.

Joel's father, John Osteen, was a preacher of the gospel in the "Word of Faith" school. John Osteen was a friend of such heroes of the faith as Dr T.L. Osborn. What happens though is that people swing from one extreme to another in portraying the character of God. These men emphasized the goodness and kindness and mercy of God without denying the imperative of gospel preaching to save lost people. Joel goes further – he refuses to admit that mankind stands under the condemnation of God until they are saved by Jesus Christ.

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  1. jordonrivercrosser says:

    I totally agree. He is a motivational speaker. He will have to answer for this, as well as the others who won’t stand up and state their convictions on TV. Why are they so afraid to talk about it? They don’t want the backlash, people will rise up and say, I’m not going to hell! I’m a good person. Sorry, good people don’t go to heaven. Saved people go to heaven.

    • jordonrivercrosser; I have listened to Joel Osteen many times and I have found him to be very biblical and sound in his sharing about Jesus. I believe that he is well meaning and full of love and is very sick of legalism and beating people over the head. I have been in many of those type of congregations over the years, all across america and I can understand the sick feeling you can get over a period of time.
      With that said there is no reason to be afraid to stand up for the truth of the word in a plain manner. I love him but, the sad thing is he seems to admit of not being knowledgable about certain things and this is not good. Paul says we are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices and be ready to give a word at any time. This is why more than ever we need to understand how to rightly divide the word and be saying the same thing, like Paul said, so there will be no divisions among us.
      It is the word that divides asunder and the truth that sets men free. We can speak the truth of God’s word without being legalistic. The spirit convicts men, not us by our flowery speeches and loving them into the kingdom sermons. I am not against talking about the love of God because it involves mercy and grace but, love has justice. You are right about the extremes and that is what is wrong with many doctrine. Everybody has a little truth but, the variable are the extremes that are not in line with the doctrine.
      Most of the people that went on Larry King, Bill Maher and other secular shows have a platform for what they have built up in their ministry but, they usually fail to respond correctly and the secularists sound more logical than they do.
      It is true that a non believer cannot grasp the things of God completely but, the preachers could do better than they do. At the same time you have liberal theologians on these programs more than evangelicals and that sure does not help at all.
      The only gospel is the death, burial, and the resurrection according to Paul; 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. The love of God was through his finished work on the cross and his resurrection. Paul. said; that I may know him and the power of his resurrection. But, Paul also never backed down from being tough with the truth. He was willing to lay down his life for the truth and the hope within him.
      I am not against loving people into the kingdom for some you can. Others that are hard core you have to stand up to for they are enemies of the cross. Jesus stood up to the scribes and pharisees and called them vipers and white walled tombs. But, he loved on the people as a whole knowing they were sheep in need of a shepherd.
      The gospel is the offense to those who will not believe. Too much of christianity has retreated to the point about not judging at all, because Jesus said it. Jesus said it, in the context of hypocrisy. If a person has a mote in his eye and is trying to judge another he is being a hypocrite. If Paul adhered to their thinking he would not have the right to judge his flock. The Bible says to judge all spiritual things. We need to start putting the word into the proper context so we preach the right truth and let the Spirit convict and the anointing will break the yoke.
      While I love Brother Joel, he really needs to get more informed about these subjects and what the word says about them before he tries to tackle them again. I believe he is a visionary and a loving christian preacher but, in this day and age or any day or age for that matter, to be forthcoming in telling the truth. People need to understand why God is against sin and what is wrong with their thinking. God has logic for understanding why sin is not logical. I must stop for now but, I believe this needs to be continued and not to bash Joel Osteen, but, stand up for the truth. God Bless! Jerry Kelso

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