By Associate Professor Wirach Wisawa-sukmonchol, MD,

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Compiled by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad


The following is an extract from his most recent sermon (in which he rendered a lot of insight as an Obs/Gyn specialist) entitled “Jesus: the Origin and Legend of Miraculous Birth”:

“…Let’s read the Bible together, chapter 3, verses 1-7,….Dear brothers and sisters, next week we’ll celebrate our Lord Jesus’ Birthday Anniversary which falls on the 25th of December.  Not only in Thailand, but people the world over have also acknowledged this very important day.  The whole world has proclaimed December 25th as a holiday and a birthday anniversary of the One and Only who was, more than 2,000 years ago, born uniquely and miraculously into this world.  He is Jesus Christ who was born from a virgin named Mary.

 “Brothers and sisters, before I opened up my heart to accept Jesus, I, as a scientist, had made numerous protests against this miraculous birth.  Since human beings couldn’t be born without sex process…without sperms.  And although cloning is the most advanced technology in making copies of living beings, that is, a process which creates new beings without resorting to or depending on reproductive process.  However, cloning has rendered very low-quality beings.  This is because the creatures are not produced by sex cells which are genuine life sources.

“Following my conversion to Christianity, my highly scientific sense has gradually been decreasing.  I’ve wholeheartedly accepted the miraculous and unique birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Moreover, I extremely marvel at the birth process of a human being which starts with sperm mixing with egg, becoming one-cell egg, and then dissociating into a complicated being of multi-million cells within nine months!

“Before conversion, I also thought that I was in control of everything.  I could control and make sure that fetal development was in complete stage, and then brought the fetus out into the world.  I could also make stitches and take care of mother following delivery.  But now I realize that I have not at all possessed any ability since conception and pregnancy process has proceeded automatically and naturally as though somebody has already set up its perfect system.  When the delivery time comes, I just wait and receive the infant and make the delivery process smooth and successful.  I haven’t done anything, but God DOES it!  Even after delivery, I just use silk thread to stitch flesh and God is the One who makes the fresh completely stick together.

“Furthermore, birth of human beings is more unique than any other birth because human body and life process are very complicated.  God had created man as well as his spirit, thus requiring a special and time-consuming process of nurturing.  This growth and development process is in accordance with the Creator’s strictly-controlled system.  It’s God’s primary purpose that man must develop physically, mentally, and spiritually simultaneously. 

 “This could be compared with the story about “being born again” which we have already read.  Jesus had clearly said that being born again is a miracle.  And it’s essential that everyone must be born again.  Being spiritually born again is also a time-consuming process: born of water and of the Spirit.  However, this process is not strictly controlled by the Creator.  God has granted freedom to human beings, either to cooperate with Him in compliance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or not to cooperate at all.

 “Anyhow, if we believe the Words of God recorded in the Bible and believe that God had sent His Son: Jesus Christ, to be born into this world from the virgin named Mary and then died on the cross to save all human race from all sins, and finally was raised from death on the third day.  After that He ascended to sit at the right hand of His Heavenly Father.  And if we believe that all those sins committed by human race have never been redeemed no matter how good and righteous we have been.  And also accept that we are absolutely helpless sinners who desperately need help from God to be salvaged from those sins by opening our hearts to welcome Jesus Christ into our lives.  Then the Holy Spirit will be imparted to us.  After that we are baptized by submerging into water in order to proclaim that our old selves were dead with Jesus on the cross.  And when we emerge from water, we are also raised from death with Him.  We surrender ourselves to God: being dead to selves by being crucified on the cross with Jesus, and then ask the Holy Spirit to change our hearts and minds.  This whole process is called being born again.  Once we are changed internally by this new birth, external changes are subsequently and naturally the result.

 “However this new birth is a time-consuming process.  The process is whether slow or quick, depends significantly on our beliefs mentioned earlier, and also on our willingly and wholeheartedly surrender to God.  God will impart His Holy Spirit to us for our guidance immediately after we open our hearts to these beliefs. And He will assign an angel to take care of us too.

 “Therefore Jesus is the origin and legend of this miraculous birth.  That is, He is the origin of both human birth (without sex process) and spiritual birth; and He is also the legend of unique human birth (conceived by non-human methods) which is absolutely against any scientific laws, principles, and theories.  In conclusion, Jesus Christ is the One and Only in the world who was conceived and born miraculously.

 “May I ask all of you today: Have you been born again?”








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