Jesus Saves your Whole Household!

I just wanted to share my joy with you.

My niece, who I have not spoken to in 7 years, wrote to me out of nowhere a few days ago. She has been involved with drugs, drinking, and her facebook profile even has guns in the photos! I nearly had a heart attack.

She has a husband and 4 year old, only being 26…you can read my testimony here if you want more information…

But in her emails she told me she just wants to be happy. I told her I have been through a lot and I found God. I did not need to tell her of all the curses on our family..she already knew.

So I told her all about Jesus and she says she is ready to do what she needs to so she can be happy! So I sent her the prayer for salvation, and I think she is really doing it!

This is a real miracle! If God brings her to Him, then maybe there is hope for the rest of my family. It is true that if Jesus saves one person, he will save the household! Yay!





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