Jesus Saves from Black Magic and Demonic Possession

     If I knew what this life would hold for me, I never would have come out of the womb. I was raised Jewish and even went to Jewish preschool. I attended temple almost 4 days a week learning Hebrew and Bible classes until the time I was 13. My entire childhood, and well into my adulthood, I have been chronically ill.

     At age 13 I had a Bat Mitzvah, which is a ceremony to initiate growing children into adulthood. I spent many days at the temple, reciting Hebrew prayers and participating in Jewish festivals. I recall sitting in the temple, even as a child, thinking, ”why am I saying these prayers? I do not feel anything.”

     I was abused sexually as a young child and physically as well as mentally until the time I was 17 and removed from the home. Well, I was not really removed from the home so much as I removed myself. I attempted to kill myself at age 17 and was sent to a mental hospital for 2 weeks by law. After that my older brother took me into his house where I spent under a year learning good and well how to take drugs to numb my problems.

     Following this, I proceeded to a prestigious college where I engaged in promiscuous sex, which was my way of looking for love, and more intoxicating and dangerous substances. During this time, I somehow managed to stay alive and earn two B.A. degrees, one being in Religious Studies. It was here that I learned about other religions and began to be fascinated by eastern religions and in particular, Hinduism.

     My debauchery continued for a solid 7 years, during the time my repeated respiratory infections and fevers never ceased. My family relations were strained as they also suffered horrible illnesses, drug addiction, gambling addictions, and too many other things to name. My grandfather was involved with the mafia and from what I was told was the originator of pornography distribution within the U.S.

     In retrospect I see now that when my grandmother died in 2001 is when all the evil problems got triggered. Most people do not know that when a relative dies, their sins are passed onto the next generation. My interactions with people led me to begin to meditate and pray in Sanskrit to Hindu gods. I found myself engaged in practices like shamanism, reiki, pranic healing, and attending new age courses and anything related to religion. I also found myself mixed up with the wrong friends. One of them began to do evil magic on me. This was the beginning of my downfall.

     Years progressed and by 2005, I found myself the prey of a handful of so-called ”psychic healers” who promised they could remove the evil possessing me "in the name of Jesus" and actually did witchcraft and magic against me. The entire story is contained in my book for which I am searching an agent or publisher.

     This ordeal nearly killed me and led me to an Islamic Sufi healer who used more magic methods to try to remove the evil because I was ignorant that he was doing any kind of magic. All I knew was I needed it all to stop and another person was telling me they could remove it so I had to listen. Before I knew it, I was heavily involved in performing magic on my own behalf to try to counteract the evil that was done to me. The evil was the blackest and began to try to give me heart attacks and kill me. I used every prayer and method I could find. Every religion. Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam. Nothing worked. Nothing changed. This went on for years.

     The evil kept on trying to kill me day in and day out. In the time between 2005-2010 I nearly died 3 times. And every day was a struggle not to kill myself. Every day was a fight for my life. My faith in God grew stronger, as my health grew weaker. I could barely walk 3 minutes. It was like I was 90 years old. Not to mention the torment psychically and spiritually that can only be understood by those who experience it. The fact I am alive at all right now to write these words is an absolute miracle.

    I had given up. God had abandoned me, or so I thought, and I was going to go and live with an Indian guru because in the Hindu ashram was the only place I could somewhat function. Even talking to one person was a living nightmare in the regular world because of what would happen spiritually to me. All the evil in and around a place would enter my body and I could not stop it.

     Then at the end of January a friend of mine encouraged me to go with her to see another ”psychic”. I told her no way that I would never go. After the way the last people ruined my life? Yeah right. But she kept insisting even though I kept telling her no. Finally I gave in. And what happened was the answer to countless years of prayers.

    The "psychic" was no psychic at all but was a Jesus prophet who could communicate directly with Jesus and who could see all that had happened to me in vivid detail. She could see that I began being possessed by demons at the age of 2. She told me that Jesus was telling her to tell me that if I followed Him and did what she was telling me, I would get the healing I had been praying for and all the evil and torment would be removed from me. She told me that the demons knew what I was coming here to do, and that they began to attack me in the womb. But now Jesus was gathering his spiritual warriors and I was one of them.

     She advised me to remove all of the Hindu items I had from my house and told me to begin to clear everything out that was ”not of Jesus Christ”. She told me that Jesus would save me from the living nightmare and it would be completed in five weeks exactly to the day.

     I found it hard to believe. I had already had two others tell me the same thing who had only made my life much, much worse. Yet she was not asking or taking any money from me. This was the difference. So again I had no choice but to hear her. She was way too convincing.

     A week later she gave me a water baptism as I asked God to forgive me for all of the things I did wrong knowingly and unknowingly. From that day, February 2, 2010 all of the evil began pouring out from me in the most shocking way. I went online to start to learn spiritual warfare prayers so that I could fight Satan because he was alive and well in my bedroom. I was on my own. Not one person in my area was qualified to help me.

     It was the day before the five weeks was up and one evil spirit was still attached to me. But I had faith that God would not have lied to me and that the five week time frame would be the end. The night of the last day I was being attacked in my sleep as usual.

     When I woke up from this attack Jesus was in front of me and the words ”destroy it” came to me. So I said this spiritual warfare prayer: "Father in the name of Jesus Christ, please remove this evil spirit from me now and destroy it.” At that moment, Jesus Christ removed it and it has never returned since. All the evil, magic demons, and even psychological trauma I suffered as a child has been removed from me. Completely.

     Only God could do this work. And it was nothing that happened until I took Jesus as my Savior and let go of the past way of life I was living spiritually. It was nothing I ever wanted. I loved my Hindu way of life. It took several weeks to throw away all my Hindu religious items, but I did it and I have never looked back because I finally have the peace of mind I have been dying for so long. Now instead of controlling me, I control the demons.

     It has been shown to me through my long battle that there is no other way through which these kinds of evils can be healed and removed. If you want to truly be free of the evil that is harming you, no matter if it is from magic, occult involvement, generational problems, demon possession, or other things, the ONLY way that this is going to ever happen for you is for you to accept Jesus Christ into your life and heart and repent for your past behaviors.

     Long before I was led to Jesus I began a web-site at for other people who were suffering from demonic possession and black magic and I counseled them. Now, everyone who comes to me is guided to Jesus. Even life-long Christians can become victims of black magic and evil problems. Even those who have consulted pastors have not gotten fully healed. And most people, pastors or not, just simply do not know how to heal things like this.

     Because there was nobody in my area to help me or deliver me, Jesus had to show me himself. He was and is telling me exactly what to do to heal from occult problems even months later and the information is coming directly from God and I am documenting it. Although it may not be new information to some, the information is coming directly to me from God. Since I know how the devil works because I lived with it so long, God is showing me secrets. For people who have been involved in the occult and false religions for many years, basic prayers are not enough. The prayers need to be specific. I know now that everything I have gone through will enable me to help others in a very rare way.

     There are many people from all over the world including Pakistan, Africa, and India where black magic is very prevalent. And they can easily find my web-site and get the help they need. And even those who will not immediately take Jesus as their savior, at least I plant a seed and hopefully God will move on them one day in the near future.

     I am grateful that God has provided me the web-site and the ability to reach out to others from all over the world.  It truly is a highly effective medium.

     May Jesus save every person who is suffering in this world from evil problems.


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  1. Please help me. I was born Catholic Christian anf my mother was an amazing person om every evel. Smart, strong, intuitive, positive and a spiritual example of her faitj. She oved God. Loved Christ. Loved the Holy Spirit. She read the bible every day and lived her faith in total.dedication to her kids every day. My journey started off she was a strong influence. My father was a good man basically but had many problems with alcohol and this made him unpredictable. Sometimes disingenius and distant. Sometimes nice but sometimes abusive emotiomally and.unfaithful to my mom. But defiant as well as manipulative too. But my mother our hearts in her hand and offered them thru prayer every day. It protected us. But by 16 i had started to rebel. I was always smart and intuitive but i began to use these talents in seperation of God. I remember even recognizing feeling differently. The distance. A small whole in my soul. Some drinking. Some fights. Even stealing. I saw it. My mom saw it. And i broke down to her and confessed and prayed and felt instantly better. But at night i began having out of bodies. Very clear. At first i loved them because i could control them. But predictably, they soon turned unncontrollable. Where before i could will my soul anywhere or any time and it felt totally free, suddenly it felt simply like two vice-like hand-claws were carrying me by my feet and two by my wrists. I would struggle in terror but could not get lose. I was at somethings will. I also felt an evil unseenn presence and would be carried against my will many places. Some were not scary. Maybe a friendly neighbors house. Others were such a house with demons or ghosts in it. It got worse. I prayed many times per day and especially at night. It seemed the more i prayed to Jesus the worse the attacks. Nightmares. Feelings of bad presences. Demonic faces. Horrific things i cannot say. I soon realized by talking to some one with similar experiences that Satan was stepping up his attacks because I was asking Jesus to help and to keep praying. I did. And i kept my habits clean again for a long time and all of this stopped. Until i was 19. I began to rebel again. Especially with alcohol and women. Like my father. In the early 90s i even wore a crystal for a brief time and used a ouja board because it was hip. Even though my mother was horrified by it and had warned against such since i was little. But nothing crazy happened at first. I finished high school. Worked and travelled a while. Got into a good college. My drinking did increase though. By the time I was 24 I did have a booze problem. And friends of same ilk who also liked to chase girls. But stuff seemed ok. Normal.. i only later noticed a great decline in my spiritual intuition. Growing up it was like i could smell when a Godless person walked into a room. Even until my early twenties, i would shudder when some one like that was close. But now it seemed normal. I forgot God and church. I was an intellectual and world-traveller with cool friends. All people were sometimes good or sometimes bad. Mabe there was no God anyway. This is how i felt in my earky twenties after college. But no full-on demonic attacks. At that point my mom died suddenly. I was totally crushed. My heart imploded. She was my engine of prayer and love even when i was wrong. I was ber baby. And she neverost hope or faith in Christ until the day she died. I did. I became angry at God and said spiteful things to Him. Or told myself he did not exist. I drank constantly and fought with my dad and other family at every opportunity. I was still smart so got good jobs. Often sales job where i learned to lie as second nature. I made money. Was with many women and had no care for their feelings. This lasted until my early thirties when i became homeless because of depression and now a total addiction to booze. Since then its been shelters and worse and arrests and beatings. Im now 43. My dad died two years earlier and was a good man in many ways but have done some research. I wonder if some of his problems were passed to me in his death as a generational curse. I truly do. I will also say that i recently dated an egyptian girl and we treated each other with no true love or morality. It was largely of the mind and body. She said she doesnt believe in anything but her parents are muslim. Also i found a book on egyptian magic in her house. I ignored many signs and symbols with her. She claimed not to be into magic but then again i caught her in at least a dozen bald-faced lies. I showed her photographic proof that she had been lying and almost had no emotion about it. She said she loved me but was with other men. My drinking got worse. Now i have a golf-ball above my belly-button. My left side hurts. And i have definite liver issues. I have so many occassions where i feel God was trying to blatantly call me away from her. But it was like i was addicted to her or her to me or both. A strange and unholy connection. One of the greatest signs was incredible. I had 63 days sober several months ago. I prayed deeply to God Jesus and the Holy Spirit as one. I prayed for everyone. I read the bible. She pretended to support me sober but would text me pictures of martinis and fruity mixed drinks. The most obvious sign: one day i opened the bible randomly and this verse popped out. I forget but it was a prophets warning against evil women to a king i think. Warning signs. It said something like “and she willlay you down in egyptian sheets.’ I tell you this is a fact. I told her nothing of the passage. Two days later she came to my place with gifts. One of them was sheets for my bed. Made of Egyptian cotton. It made me shiver. Anyway im terrified now. Been struggling terribly with the booze. Have legal problems. I hear steange noises at night. I feel like i was born to use my natural spiritual intuition to help people and mostly what i have done is destroyed it, my body, my mind, finances and i pray to Jesus litsrally–please not my soul. I feel like some of it was willful rebellion. Some of it was opening demonic doors with spiraling alcoholism which chipped away at my soul and feelings for peoole. But i also feel like my mother dying and being my spiritual anchor made me insane and killed my heart and set me off to destroy my life and soul and pray to God i have not hurt too many others now spiritually but i must have. I feel also my dads generational curse is on me if he had one. And finally, i truly wonder if this egyptian ex-girlfriend put some sort of black magic or hex or mind control on me. Or all of it. She wont stop texting me. Its hard to quit her but have told her its over nicely but she persist. And her timing is amazing. She calls at my weakest. Or when im praying. And i just see such darkness on her not that i am blameless. I may die from the bad liver. I have terrible depression and anxiety. I am scared. But i am praying again. Reading bible passages on line. Re-connecting with good people and going back to church. If i have been attacked or oppressed ot worse i need help soon. For my soul. But i feel intuitively that the ex put specific black spells on me and may keep doing it now that i have said its over. Please please all of you pray to Jesus for me and my soul. I want and am turning to God but i am scared and dont want it ti be too late. Ive been fast and loose with God’s rules and my talents and invited evil. Maybe not explicitly but implicity. In the name of Jesus please protect me from all evil and take me as a sinner wbo bas repented. Please any Christian out there who can relate or help please email me or message me. Thank you!

    • Peace be with you in the name of Jesus Christ he true lord and the true saviour. My advice is repent of all behaviour and active sinning against god as you can. Remove anything in your life that is against god such as foreign religions, heavy make up , dark music videos anything that seeks to cover yourself up as someone else, or gloryfys anything but the living god. Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ. Ask God to fill you with his full presence and holy spirit . Pray for others and yourself. Seek to love and avoid participating in the work of the devil. Even down to speaking bad about people or swearing. If you do repent fast. Love the lord your god with all your heart. Fo not compromise. Seek to please him and worship him as god. And he will free you. Tell him everything write to him in prayer. Seeking his love and good mercy . He is loving just powerful. He will help you!!! Ask the angels to protect you. God bless

  2. I absolutely agree with your testimony. Because I was saved by Jesus almost the same way like you; which involves blackmagic. No other religion could save me from blackmagic, but amazingly Jesus did (the religion which i previously mocked the most saved me.. i.e. christianity) ; and only via his words and grace we are set free from evil bondages. Today I am a christ believer and disciple. Halelujah!

  3. Hi my fathers my grandmother did witchcraft and then my father when i was little send me to hindu church. I never knew about all this. At the age of 18 i married a supposed healing family. I never did anything i just prayed the rosary. I was bewitched by my husbands family. Then my witch of a granmother died. After the divorce i went looking for healers. I went to alot of them. They stole everything from me spiritually and money wise. I mean they stole everything. I got hurt by those psychics and supposed healers. I am still trying to get healed and i pray to God everyday and i wish God could help me. Please pray for me!! Please tell me what i need to pray!! Thanx

    • Peace be with you in the name of Jesus Christ he true lord and the true saviour. My advice is repent of all behaviour and active sinning against god as you can. Remove anything in your life that is against god such as foreign religions, heavy make up , dark music videos anything that seeks to cover yourself up as someone else, or gloryfys anything but the living god. Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ. Ask God to fill you with his full presence and holy spirit . Pray for others and yourself. Seek to love and avoid participating in the work of the devil. Even down to speaking bad about people or swearing. If you do repent fast. Love the lord your god with all your heart. no compromise. Seek to please him and worship him as god. And he will free you. Tell him everything write to him in prayer. Seeking his love and good mercy . Read the Bible because man can not live on bread alone but by every word that proceed from the mouth of god.He is loving just powerful. He will help you!!! Ask the angels to protect you. God bless

  4. My parents, sister and I are facing the bad effects of black magic done by someone from my Dad’s and Mom’s family. From past 25 years we are suffering like crazy as we have only misunderstandings, quarrels and fights within our family. We were not able to find a match for my sister and the match happened only after 2.5 years. Now it is my turn, its more than 3 years and we are not able to find a match for me too. And for unknown reason all our friends and relatives turned against us and we are now having hopeless life. Please help.

  5. Hi Parminder,
    Its really sad to hear about your plight. I don’t’ know how much you know about Jesus but I want to say that He wants to give you abundant life b’coz He loves you and cares for you and your dear ones. First thing I want to tell you is that he is not far from you, so just pour out your heart to him. Get one copy of Bible from any Christian book store and start reading the gospel of Mathew. Ask God to give you faith and remove every unbelief. It is not one of the holy books. It is the living Word of God and it will talk to you as you read its pages.
    Jesus is the only one who can deliver you from this situation and you will find deliverance in every area.
    Keep us updated. God bless you. With prayers.

  6. parminder Singh says:

    My family has been marred by black magic tricks performed by my brother’s wife . We lost father . Mother has heart stroke. Health, wealth,love , prosperity , jobs ruined. What to do

  7. Dear brother-in-Christ thanks for placing this wonderful message for the whole world now i want to concise the things which are still going on in our family lost parents,elder sister is a widow (40+)younger sister has a problem with her husband she got married having 3 kids.Pl kindly send a prayer and do remember in your prayers because we are totally disturbed in all the things physically,mentally,financially still facing and iam reaching 40 not married don’t have job did MBA but could n’t able to understand.My heart is totally broken i request u pray Especially for my Elder sister G.Roselin Vijaya Rani from India Hyderabad city coz her situation now is very bad…

    • Raj lakshmi says:

      Hi Samuel,

      I am your sister`s friend from degree college. We worked in the same place. Later she moved to Govt school and I moved on with my studies. I am sad to hear that she is in bad situation. Everything will be alright. Tell her to email me.

  8. I’ve been suffering from black magic for many years too, done by my relatives of father’s side who don’t have a son and don’t want my father to have male descendants. I’m orthodox christian. I went to a ‘healer’ it did not help. I’m very good looking but not lucky in love and have many other misfortunes. I can not see how to rescue my self. Can you help me in any way? Thanks in advance. B.

  9. Blackmagicrescue says:

    Thank you…My story is a crazy one, but is not uncommon. People who have these problems are sucked into further evil because god is being blocked from them because they have sinned not knowing the calamity of their mistakes.

    I praise god everyday that he protects me and saved me. He gave me a real miracle and I will praise Him eternally!

  10. This testimony is very interesting and may the Glory go to God who is all powerful. Yes only Jesus is our deliverer.
    Be blessed

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