Jesus is still Lord

It is a fact, whether or not we choose to submit to His Lordship in our lives. He is appointed to rule over all things. (1Co 15:25)
We must not think that Jesus is empowered by our submission to Him. Rather, it is us who are empowered by Him to do the will of the Father.
Through our surrender, Jesus is able to transform us into those who are able to be used for His work.

The idea that somehow we are at least “a little worthy” to be counted among His children is born of the flesh. It is a consequence of our sinful nature and if allowed to develop through wilfully refusing to take up our cross, it will eventually eclipse the light of God in our lives. We may even begin to think that we are somehow equal with God. It would not be unheard of to think such things.

If we are to see the power and grace of God at work in us then we must be willing to sign over the ownership rights to our lives.
Jesus will never demand this of us. It is a call that we can accept or reject. By choosing to allow Him to transform us into individuals who shine with His life, we will see people being drawn towards us. Of course it is not us but Jesus, and one soul at a time, the Eternal Kingdom advances.

God bless,


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