Jesus healed me from Black Magic

This is my testimony to the living Lord Jesus Christ which has been long over due but only recently have I realized the importance of a testimony. I belong to a Roman Catholic family (third of five children).

I married in 1982. Little did I know that my sister-in-law had a fling with my brother and was seeking to turn it into marriage which wasn’t my brother’s interest at the time. My husband and I started facing problems and started hearing noises. I could feel a tapping sensation every time I slept at night and I feared going to sleep. If I slept during the day, I would wake up with some part of my body swollen and palpitating. I had fallen very ill and had reduced to mere skin and bones. I visited my doctor due to pain in my abdominal area. The doctor said that my uterus had shifted and I would have to undergo surgery but he was unable to figure out what exactly was wrong with me.

I was then directed by a friend to a gifted Roman Catholic priest in Dec 1983. It was here that the priest told us that my sister-in-law had done black magic to me and cast multiple spells to break my marriage initially (which by the grace of God, though many hardships prior to and on my wedding day didn’t come into effect) and also cast a spell to stop me from getting children.

Prior to going to the priest, my family had me go to some Hindu tantric places (Please never go to these places, your problem only worsens as they converse with spirits). They too had mentioned that black magic was done by my sister-in-law. After going to these places, my problems still persisted.

The priest prayed over me and at that very moment I felt the world so much brighter. He then instructed my husband to pray (using the precious blood of Jesus) over my abdominal area everyday for the next couple of weeks. In the next couple of weeks by July ‘84, I conceived and was blessed with a healthy baby boy.
On the 30th of December 2010, I will be completing 28 years of marriage.

I thank the Lord Jesus for these blessings.

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