Jesus Christ still rescues

I have read and reread many times over Mark 5….Right before that Mark 4:35-41 Jesus calms the sea…My observance of these verses are that Jesus was on a rescue mission and satan was trying to stop him…First by sending a storm on the sea and then putting great fear into His disciples…After crossing the sea a demonic who lived in the tombs who was exceedingly strong whereby he was chained and shackled but was able to break free and noone could keep him chained,…He was naked, cut himself and cried out day and night for he was tormented by demons…I know that since this was in a mountainous area and along the sea that his cries would echo into the city and cause people to be full of fear…The man ran to him after seeing Jesus afar off… Jesus immediately took control of the situation and commanded the demons to come out…His name of Legion signifies that he had a multitude of demons..These demons were on the verge of destroying him …They had already destroyed him mentally and the next step was to destroy him physically…They asked Jesus to cause them to go into the swine and 2000 swine ran violently down the cliffs into the sea and were drowned (death by demons)…I totally believe that if Jesus did not rescue this man the demons would have caused him to jump from the cliff into the sea and perish…Now after deliverance the man was sitting and clothed and in his right mind…No more was he hearing from the demons to cut himself to cry out, to be naked…He was totally free and in his RIGHT MIND and now he was CLOTHED…He was clothed with God’s righteousness….Jesus not only calmed the storm on the sea but He also calmed the storms within this man’s soul….Jesus still is able to rescue all those who come to Him and calm their storms of their soul….

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