Jesus broke the chains of my meth addiction!

Praise Jesus! He is alive! He is present! He will never turn His back on His sheep, even when we are lost and gone astray from His holiness.

I’ve been addicted to Meth for 20 years, lost custody of 3 of my children and tried quitting on my own way too many times. Two years ago, I noticed I was beginning to behave strangely when I would get on one. I started to think of God when I was high, it became my obsession and I would stay up for nights just reading the Holy Bible for hours at a time and online research everything I could about Jesus and Recovery. I would have this overbearing desire to attend church while I was using. I would upset my boyfriend when doing this, he felt I was dishonoring God or being a hypocrite. It wasn’t that I purposely or personally wanted to do these things, it was something in me moving me to do this.

Soon after I found a church and started healing and growing and understanding more clearly. I started moving slowly away from the drug and one day I received the Holy Ghost and was speaking in tongues! For the next 2 years God was moving in my life and working in me like never before. I noticed the blessings and healing in my life. I would pray and he would answer! I was still backsliding and occasionally using but I never gave up on God. I would pray for recovery constantly and breakdown in tears right after I would take that first hit. Telling God out loud how sorry I was and how helpless I felt over this drug. I would beg Him to please free me from this hell I was living and break the bondage Satan had over me.

One night after hooking up and being up for several days, I was tired, sick, and in despair. I sat outside in the dark of night with a pipe in one hand and a bag of dope in the other. I looked up into the dark sky and thought this lifestyle is slowly destroying my soul. I had no doubt in my mind that I was about to experience a final blow that might very well be my death if I didn’t stop using. I remember telling God out loud “What’s matter with me? Am I just too good at being bad that I can’t be saved? Why am I still using? Why haven’t you helped me? I know you hear my cries and see my tears. God I can’t do this!!! I give up!! I have no more to left in me!! LORD YOU NEED TO COME GET ME NOW FROM THIS PIT OF HELL CUZ I CAN’T FIND A WAY OUT!!! ALL I SEE IS DEATH AND DARKNESS AROUND ME AND I FEEL THE ENEMY’S PRESENCE!! PLEASE SAVE ME!! YOU SAID YOU WOULD NEVER FORSAKE ME..YOU SAID “If I abide in You, and your words abide in me, ask whatever i wish, and it
will be done for ME”. I BELIEVE IN YOUR PROMISE.

I got baptized in Jesus Name September 13, 2011.When I became born again, I became a new creation sealed by the Holy Spirit. I learned that because of whom I had spiritually become, that all this power and authority was latent within me. I had the promise of God that He had already delivered me. I had already won the battle. I already had the victory. Jesus died to take away our sins. My addiction no longer existed. It was crucified with Christ. It no longer had power over me; I had power over it because I was delivered already by the blood of the Lamb! I changed the way I prayed. Instead of asking for healing and deliverance, I began thanking God for having already healed and delivered me. I came to a point of realization that I had claimed the victory Christ had won for me. When this truth hit my spirit, I was delivered!! I raised my hands in the air and began to shout and dance, and praised Jesus for the victory, tears running down my face. This was the most exhilarating and peaceful experience I’ve had. Until I let it slip away.

After 8 months of sobriety I backslid and used. It wasn’t because I was overcome by temptation or had cravings, no it was my own rebellious spirit that led me to dishonor God and fall into my sin. It was because I wanted to, period. So I did. But I was fearful and anticipated some kind of punishment for disobeying His word. Oddly enough, it never happened. Instead God continued to bless me in my life. It was his Grace that brought me to repent and love Him more and brought me closer to Him. God used my sin to convict me. He taught me about self-righteousness and how it was one of the most hated of sins. To be Trusting in Oneself for Righteousness instead of putting my complete faith in God is what I was practicing. It was a temporary work of the flesh, not spirit led, that is not blessed by God and will not last forever.

Since my backslid, I have 3 months clean!!! Starting over and praising God for taking my sin and making good from it. I feel His presence everyday as He guides me through the Holy Spirit living within me. He has changed who I used to be and He’s not finished with me just yet. He will continue to reveal to me exactly everything I need to know to live a godliness life, one that is God-fearing, obedient, and according to His will.

It wasn’t by chance you are reading this, No matter what it is we are dealing with; through Christ we already have the victory. When He comes to live in us, He brings our victory with Him. It then becomes our responsibility, to get it out! Christ did His job! Now it’s our turn! If you have not accepted Jesus into your life, accept Him in your heart and ask Him to forgive you for all your sins up until this moment. Accept Jesus as your Savior, right now!!

God bless the person reading this and grant them salvation!

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  1. I love that there is this page for people like us that has been through the hard suffering addiction of this evil drug called meth. It’s not something one wants to openly admit to the public usually ! But I strongly believe God has lead me here today to give me hope and to know that there are many others that are going through the same exact thing and turning to Jesus for deliverance ! He is the only
    One that can do it. I’ve been addicted off and on for about 11 years, and have been slowly tearing up my soul it feels like, but I have hope and faith that God will finally remove the chains from me, and from what some of your testimonies have said, is that you have to imagine and know that God has already saved you from the hell, which isn’t something I really remember doing in the past. It was more me waiting for that moment to hopefully come soon before it’s too late…. but I need to change the way my mind has been thinking and I’m sure my life will turn around, I just need to believe that God has already done it! This is also a drug that you have to meet God halfway with as well with our own efforts, (deleting phone numbers, stop talking to people you get high with etc etc) I feel bad for when I repented in the past many times and then relapse again …. making me feel like I’m making a mockery of God, but the addiction was stronger than I thought, and it was never meant to purposely go against God …. i just need to know that no matter how Strong the addiction is, God is always gonna be stronger. This page gives me more hope. Praise God !

  2. Awesome testimony! I know this response is years late but I know for a fact there is atleast one lost soul reading my message right now, and this is written for you. The good Lord is here for you, his arms are open. If you’re reading this today and you have that drug that just keeps you held down, keeps you in darkness, keeps you from ever flourishing, just know, there is hope! God will deliver you from the addiction, all it takes is one prayer, he will give you a new life over night, you will shed your addiction like a fur coat. Trust me I know first hand. Also, I can’t stress enough, HOLD ON as tight as you can to what Jesus gives you, Its not to be taken for granted, you must gain his blessings and hold on to them, its all about preservation!! Consume yourself with the word and don’t stray away, because backsliding is a terrible battle to fight.

  3. i feel like you just spoke my life into every word you typed. It’s 5:00 am and im sitting here researching and reading the bible like i have been stuck doing the last 2 months now and its sunday morning going to be getting ready for church. (which i haven’t been too in a while). Im only 19 years old and i started banging dope when i was 12. But my life isnt as chaotic as it was back then, i have a normal decent guy whom i am engaged too and not some creepy 55 year old, but yeah my ole man feels like people shouldnt or arnt supposed to go to church till their old. I hope he comes around one of these days soon. Anyway thanks for relating to me and my confusing, hectic life. By the way i need friends if know any one looking. :p

  4. Chanda Walker says:

    God through his son jesus who once died on the cross for me to and already has saved us from methanfetamiens. I dont know how to spell such and evil word to this day and it has been once the center of my life that being said its a blessibg to this day im high now but through thebpower of already being healed im free.

    • Descernae says:

      Jesus came in the flesh died for my sin and came back again IN THE FLESH and He will come again!! Get behind thee satan!! in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!

  5. Thank you.. After 7months being sober I also relapsed yesterday. I spent all day reflecting and asking God the same questions. It was not an accident I read your post. Thank you for reminding me of our victory in Jesus. We should never assume that we have our lives under controll. The moment we think we are, that is when the enemy strikes.. I am reminded that “surrender” is actually a daily thing. I have asked forgiveness and have repented. I won’t give up on God because I know He has a purpose for me. Even if I have to start again from scratch. I know He is doing a good work in me. Slowly but surely, from glory to glory I’m being transforemed from the inside out. For those who have also relapsed, and are thinking of giving up, remember that nothing can separate us from the love of God. No matter how big, or how many times we fail, He will always love you and accept you back into his arms. Just run back to Him!!

  6. Istillbelieve says:

    I been baptized in spirit and a christian..Ihave cried out also many times.. why why why cant i stop. i beg for a sign something, anything. what am i missing

  7. I am 21, for the past 6 years I have been a addict of shooting up meth and smoking synthetic marijuana, as a child I was brought up in church my parents have always been very close to the lord , at 16 I got my drivers id and had a obsession about fitting in, and went spiraling down after picking up the bottles and needles, I have totaled three cars, robbed numerous people and stores even stolen from my parents and other members), I betrayed the lord and my family, some family members had disowned me even forbid me from being around them, but I always had the lords word tucked in my heart slowly eating at my conscience, there was a war going in my soul because I knew how I was supposed to live but my addictions consumed me, one day after shooting up in the mall restroom, I felt unusually sick I slipped in and out of consciousness on the toilet, but could clearly hear a voice so plowerful it was trembling say my son is coming very soon, it was this one statement over and over again. I sobered up and ignored it I used more drugs and alchohal to numb it, numbing worked for a few years until a few months ago everytime I got high i found myself talking to my friends about jesus, reading his word, I would be awake for days alone researching everythinpg I could find, especially anything to do with revelations, my girlfriend is expecting, and the meth has been tearing us apart she has thought I had quit for months, so my strange behavior was random to her. A few nights ago me and a friend shot up meth and found ourselves watchinpg a late night religious channel all night. We were scared to death for our souls. The next morning my girlfriend picked me up and on the way home, something in the water by carrie underwood came over the radio. The song moved me fiercly. Just hours ago before typing this, I dropped to my knees and cried out to the lord for forgiveness and rededicated my life to the lord I have always been scared of Christ’s return looking to only change before he had arrived, now Im saved and I pray I can have time to influence lost loved ones, I have deserted my promise to the lord times before, but this one is special, for the first time since I was little i can truly feel the holy spirit moving like crazy in me. Im happy and sober for the first time in 6 years I just want to tell everyone what happened today as tears of joy roll down my face when Im about post this all I can say is, no one is too far gone from his saving grace, and lastly praise jesus the angels in heaven sing for me tonight one of the fathers children has finally came home hopefully ill bring friends

    • Hi Jared,

      This is soooo wonderful! I am so glad you came back to Jesus on time, others might think they have time, but we never really know, it’s not just that we need to be ready before Christ’s return, we also need to be ready before we die, and that is not known to anyone when it will be, people die young as well as old in various ways, sometimes totally unexpected. So you have taken a wise decision to give your life to Jesus, and please keep it that way, and make the most of the time left to bring some fruit for Jesus before the time is up with the world. You will never regret it looking back from eternity. I suggest going through the Teaching section on this page,, they are teaching articles written by Michael, the main author of the website, and it helps you setup a good foundation for your faith, on which you can build upon. It’s very important to have the right foundation, built on God’s Word as supreme authority on truth and on Jesus, nothing else. From there you can grow further. Please feel free to speak with me again if you find you are struggling and need help. I suggest also finding a church where you are, a spirit filled church, I can help recommend one if you tell me where you live. Fellowship with believers will help you a great deal grow in God and avoid sin.



  8. Speak my mind… AS much as id like to say ive been clean and sober IM not. 12 years ( around 7 years) if you count the time ive been asking God in the name of Jesus for help to quit meth….Still no magical miricale cure…but at least i have the GREAT HOPE. WITH THAT BEING SAID IM STILL GONNA BELIEVE IN gOD IN THE NAME OF jESUS EVEN IF I GO DOWN HARD AND I FEEL I AM. EVEN SO AMEN I HATE METH

    • for 16 years I have been asking God to remove this horrible addiction. I believe now that the power lies in realizing that Christ already removed it on the cross. You have to picture Him there on the cross all beaten and dying and tortured. He did it for this addiction I have. This addiction and self-imposed prison that I have sought to be free from for so long. This is 30 year addiction and it is no joke but I suddenly feel free from it because of what i read above about the cross and how Christ saw me addicted to drugs when he was on the cross and died for my sin. Wow that is truly powerful.

  9. lookingforhope2011 says:

    This was some great testimonies here, on may 15 1997, God instantly took away my addiction to meth, and although there is a long story about the journey, I will sum it up in saying that nothing is impossible for God! Amen!

    • BORNBLESSED says:

      sharing my testimony brings great joy to my heart and when a readers like you takes his time to leave a comment, I feel accepted. Thank you! Thank you Jesus for delivering my new brother in Christ from a wicked bondage we call meth. To God be the Glory! Amen!

  10. CamdenC says:

    God is good!!! I started attending N/A meetings back in the day as a court order as part of my probation arrangement. (I did 6 months in jail for being caught in an abandoned house, high on meth) I had 2 years clean and sober when I gave my heart to Jesus… I wanted to tell the world about Him, but the people in the meetings didn’t want to hear about “religion”. I tried to tell them it wasn’t about religion, it was all about a relationship with Jesus… anyways, I left the meetings and told everyone (my sponsor included) that I don’t need to take 12 steps, I have taken 1 step to the cross!!! What a powerful testimony of yours… Check out mine, look for; “One Bible Verse Changed My Life” on this website. God Bless you! Galatians 5:1-14

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