Jeremiah 8:7???

Even the stork in the heavens knows her appointed times;
And the turtle dove;
the swift,
And the swallow observe the time of their coming
But my people do not knnow the judgement of the lord.

Please explain this for me.
The Hopeful

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  1. Timothy Luke says:

    Even the birds of the air know when their times winter and see when to flee, or migrate, but God’s nation did not see the judgment of the Lord, nor did they heed Jeremiah’s call to let the Babylonians take them captive and migrate to Babylon. They fled and resisted and so were destroyed for not heeding the Word of the Lord that warned Babylon would overthrow them, but they were to be still and not resist, for the Lord would also bring them back again… just like birds returning after winter….

    You have to know the books and their historical contexts, which will come in time as you keep in the Word!

    • The Hopeful says:

      During my reading I came along that passage and I completely understand the reason for Jeremiah I simply did not understand that particular verse.Thank you.
      The Hopeful

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