It seems that USA has always had a big part in Israel:s well being,which is great,but when the wrong people get involved,and talk of dividing Jerusalem,and building embassys in Jerusalem,look up for thy redemption draweth nigh,even at the door, The antichrist is alive and well ,changing minds and attitudes setting up his plan to bring all nations to war in the Holy Cities of God.The enormous power of the combination of the U,N and USA as the enforcer,as you will,under the control of the antichrist is staring us dead in the face. this is not an attemp to start an argument,only to show nearness to armagedden.People should be preparing for the worst times for some and great times for others.many long gone saints would be shouting happy to see these times when the return of our Lord is so near, the sad thing is the hardness of hearts and greed will leave others with days of great sorrow,when I listen to news ,I see a people that would rather get rid of Gods people,and the day is near,but I think the day also will come they will wish we we back.I had a vision back in the 80s.(very seldom do I have those,real ones)but I saw a large cart and a field,people were gathering some sort of greens (I am not a farmer,dont know 1 bean from another)and putting then in a basket,some had baskets full,sume had small amounts in their basket,as I watched ,an Angel seemed to say this is the harvest ,some have many souls some have few,as I watched them pour out their basket in the cart some fell out almost as many as was put in,the cart was full and running over, The time is short ,many are falling away,soon time will run out,Its a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry GOD!!!!!!!

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