It’s good to be here!

I got to this website while searching the web for revival stories. So far, all I have come across seem to be Holy Spirit led and faith building. I think, by the grace of God, I may turn out to be a regular participant in your forum and other activities. I would like to say hello to everyone out there. It’s good to be here.
God bless all of you for putting this site together. I pray that the LORD keep you steadfast and true and that you continue to grow in your faith and service to the LORD, in Jesus name.

What do YOU think?



  1. to this site. I hope it will be a real blessing for you over time.

  2. I am Stella Fernandis and I am visiting your site first time. I think this is a great way to communicate with others and share your problems and experiences with others.


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  3. It would be great to have you participate by posting your views, insights and questions. Lots of people are visiting the site, but for some reason, few are posting at the moment. Perhaps that is because I don’t have the time to handle busy discussion boards.

    • Rev Mike ,

      People dont use your discussion
      board , because you moderate it too much.

      When one posts on this board , it
      goes to you , and most often you choose not to let it go on the board.

      Discussion board on most other sites, show the message within a few seconds of posting , and only if there is something really objectional , does the moderator remove it.

      Also , there are far too many links / buttons / categories on this site. You need to have not more than 10.
      Right now there are a few hundred ,
      and people get all confused where to find what.

      In short , the usability of the site
      is somewhat lacking.

      You perhaps know better what the constraints are , …..time , effort ,manpower , programming / layouts ,….and the costs that accompany these ,…….

      But the above is an indicator , why people surf this site , and move on
      without contributing anything.

      Still , Cheers to you !!!
      You are doing the work of the Lord
      in an honest way.(There are not too many out there like you)


      • If people register with the site then their comments will be immediately posted. If people don’t bother to register, but just try to post something using the comments form, I will decide if I want to approve it.

        It is not my purpose to have as much discussion as possible. I am not going to let servants of the devil dominate this site just because they have time on their hands. I would like more quality well thought out posts, of course. I don’t mean just cutting and pasting huge slabs of text from your favorite books and articles, as tropical_guy often did and others also have done.

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