Its all about God

Day one in Rick Warren’s book call “The Purpose Driven Life” is about how life is all about God and not me. God’s purpose for me may be different (and probably is) than what I think or plan for mine to be. This is the second time I read this first chapter in this book. I read it once before a year or to ago. I took the day to focus on what it meant that Its all about God and not about me. Today’s sermon at church talked about focusing on God when times are rough. Its not about me; that concept is not very present in our culture today. It seems so hard to talk to and teach people this. Day one’s verse in the book is Colossians1:16b- “Everything got started in him and finds its purose in him.” That to me means all science, creatures, and people. Today’s question in the book is In spite of all the advertising around me, how can I remind myself that life is really about living for God, not myself?
This can be tough at times. Usually I pick out the presence of God in the media, whether it is someoe praising God, giving God the credit, stories of hope, or descruction around the world. I also understand that behind the advertising and establishment machine creating consumer negligance is greed.

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