Isn’t it natural?

Ever looked at someone to lust for her (or him)?

I got that from the home page.I think it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to avoid going through that feeling.I mean how is that even right,(to call it sin) it is in human nature which God created that at times in our lives(the teen years are a big one) whether we want to or not we all desire someone.How is that even sinning its not even like you are doing anything.

What do YOU think?



  1. Just check this out saints

    Don’t you think it is time that a central authority is formed to decide what is right and wrong as per the word of God;something like the Majesterium of the Catholic Church ?

    Till then , …we will have people wrongly interpreting the Word of God , … and half the world being like Sodom and Gommorah !!!



    • The Scripture promises there will be apostasy and great darkness in the last days, also that tares will grow up with the wheat in the visible church of God. We cannot give to any kind of central church authority the role that belongs to the Holy Spirit. That approach has been tried and it led to the Dark Ages. For what if the “central church authority” itself is corrupted by immoral people who pervert the true intention of the Word of God?

  2. like in a house, we don’t have to struggle with these desires. we do because we willingly allow these thoughts to get through our door.

    we have to be careful on the things that we let into our house. we should only let in the things that are pure and nice things not those that corrupt our minds.

    lust? these dirty thoughts wouldn’t have gotten inside if we hadn’t closed our doors on it. so let’s guard our hearts. flee from stimulating environment. and pray for God to guide us.

  3. searcher_24 says:

    Hello. not sure if this is the right place to post this but i have been struggling with something for a while now.
    I have fallen in love with a girl at work. She is christian and single for as far as i know.i died a thousand times before i approached her.In the beginning it seemed to go well.She gave me her number and accepted my invitation for coffee.But when i started calling her it always seemed like i was calling at a bad time ,and the last two times she sounded irritated.So i stopped calling.The problem is i have to see her everyday at work and i do not know how to act.i am not the kind of guy that gets over something like this easily.
    maybe i am to soft for i guy.I would appreciate it if you remember me in prayer. For God to give me the strenght to get through this.

    • Well Searcher ,

      If she is not returning your calls or willing to take your calls
      it is time to call off the episode with her.

      Get on to finding someone else.

      Yes , it is hard being rejected by someone.

      But I am sure there is someone else looking for you.


    • Timothy Luke says:

      Let her know you had feelings for her and that you are sorry if you did not handle it well on your end. Ask her to forgive you for any distress you may have caused on her end. Let her know you will give her back her space and then talk to God about where to go from there. It will be alright.

  4. Timothy Luke says:

    Human nature is not created in us. We were created perfect and “human nature” is merely the devil’s nature in the flesh. We were created to see and appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex without the self-centered craving of them as our own personal play toy.

    Jesus said, ‘whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her in his heart.” If you have a question with that, you have a problem with your own Creator. Take it up with Him and ask him with a sincere heart, not seeking to justify yourself above Him and I think He can show you the way.

    When we view our sisters for who they are, and refuse to entertain thoughts that violate their integrity, we will find out that God really does have a better way! Ask the Lord to give you eyes to see your sisters in the world as he sees them and keep seeking until he blesses you so….

    It is not sin to have a thought of lust, it is sin to hit the ‘replay’ button in our minds. The devil throws those thoughts at us, it is our job to take them captive to the knowledge of Christ and cast down every vain imagination. If we fail to cast those thoughts down, we are in sin.

    • The Hopeful says:

      i don’t feel like rewording this to make it sound nice so sorry if it bothers you some how.
      1)so basically don’t think about sex?
      2)is it violating their integrity if she doesn’t see it like that?
      just putting it out there so you know.I usually don’t look at every girl and see them as someone to bang.
      3)so if you refraim the thoughts from yourself does it make it ok to have sex?
      4)when is it ok ?
      5)does it say anywhere in the bible that people are supposed to wait to be married to have sex?
      the thing is that what really drawed me into this girl at first was her personality and everything about who she is,but then we talked about sex and thats all i have been thinking about lately.
      6)Is it wrong if that was not my initial intention?
      7)Are we both wrong in our desire for each other?
      8)what makes lust dirty.
      and i am pretty sure i have a desre more than a lust.its kinda like a passionate thing not just a “let me put it in you” kind of thing.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        Hi Hopeful,

        Let me give this reply another shot! Sorry for burning you on the last one… we are ALL human. That’s why God gives us repentance and forgiveness.

        Rather than answer your questions one by one, let me say I don’t think you are asking the right questions. I know you have them and so you are asking, but there are better questions to ask that may be of more help to you and your friend.

        Let me say I wish you a healthy happy relationship with her. At your age feelings and relationships come and go… but sometimes they grow in time to become a life time of love and laughter in marriage. Whether this is short term, or long term, the Lord knows. Just do this relationship well and God can bless it. Don’t fall for the sugar coated temptation of sex apart from marriage.

        Lust is natural, but God is calling us to be supernatural. The natural desire is to be tempered with wisdom and patience. In my own marriage, my wife and I kept ourselves for each other up to our wedding night. I say that so you know that, yes, it can be done! The devil would say, “everyone is doing it, how can I resist?” Well, not everyone is doing it and those who are not are very discrete and not as visible. They have reaped the blessings of their patience.

        Enjoy each other’s personalities. Avoid physical contact… it only leads to more contact. If you can’t love each other outside of the sack, you will certainly not love each other in it. Seek God daily on it, and read His Word. Adultery is always wrong. It leads to many emotional hurts and opens us up to diseases and even pregnancies – despite the precautions. Abortion is an industry and I have heard a former leader in Planned Parenthood describe how they promote pregnancy by handing out faulty condoms.

        I love you brother. May God keep you and your friend safe from the snares of the enemy.


        • Well said, brother Tim. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Hopeful, we have been praying for you and it is my hope you will take what Tim has said to heart. We all love you and want to see you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God. God’s Word is truth and His Word is very clear on the subject. I pray that you will draw near to God. He will help you fight these temptations. Trust in Him, have faith in His promises for complete deliverance. Remember what the Lord says in John 14:15 “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments”. That verse is a HUGE motivation for me to not give in to the lusts of the flesh or to go outside of the will of God. Keep your eyes on the Lord, meditate on His Word, and keep the big picture in mind. One moment of willfully pleasing the flesh is not worth it in the long run.



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