Islam means "submission". It holds that the true name of God is Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet. True followers of islam seek to follow the sayings of Mohammed as recorded in the Qu'ran. Most muslims also recognise the "Hadeeth" as an authoritative book governing muslim life, but some muslims are against the Hadeeth and deny its authority in matters of life and faith.

There are around 1 billion people who would call themselves muslim, though the percentage of those who seek to follow the Qu'ran literally would be much smaller.

Islam believes in one God. It holds that Jesus Christ was one of a long line of prophets of which Mohammed is the greatest. Muslims do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God, nor that he died to pay for their sins.

Muslims believe that they must say that "there is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet", that they must pray 5 times a day towards Mecca, that they must make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime, that they should give 3% of their income to the poor, and that they should not eat while the sun is up during the month of Ramadan. There are many rules and regulations in Islam concerning many aspects of life.

The Qu'ran is full of warnings about eternal hellfire. The muslim has no assurance that he is good enough to enter paradise and avoid hell. Many muslims are inwardly tormented by their failures to keep the rules, and are unsure of their acceptance with Allah. The only sure promise of salvation to the muslim held out in the Qu'ran is for those who die as martyrs in the cause of islam, as long as they do it courageously. This could help explain why so many young men are willing to blow themselves up while attacking the perceived enemies of muslim people. It is a very logical thing to do if you believe the Qu'ran and are serious about attaining salvation.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    You say “Many muslims are inwardly tormented by their failures to keep the rules, and are unsure of their acceptance with Allah.”
    I totally agree, i read into Islam and actually confessed that i was a Muslim when i took a shower(kind of like a self-baptism), but i kept feeling fearful, especially when i couldn’t totally stop eating pork(hot dogs,ribs, my family eats alot of pork i guess), so i tried to by turkey hot dogs, and turkey ribs,…. But then if i ever did eat pork i would feel so guilty, also, praying was uncomfortable, i didn’t feel right praying to Allah and how i prayed my family would have known. It made me terrified to eat or do anything because most things are against what Allah wants and would make me feel afraid.also i was afraid if i ever gambled(poker, forbidden by Muslims) i would go to hell, and on and on and on, there’s so many rules.
    But other that that, i just didn’t feel like it was the truth and i didn’t feel protected and security.
    To make a short story short, i found Jesus again and am now a follower of Christ. I love you Jesus.

    • Davidluke says:

      many muslims are willing to die for their religion for the sake of Allah, bcos like you said they are rest assured that when they die in the cause of the fight for their faith they will make paradise. that is why in Nigeria today may churches are beign burned by this people, and they also called themselves boko harams just to disguise inwardly they are fighting against the christians, many churches have been closed down because of the persecution faced from this people and the killings especially in northern Nigeria( Maiduguri). they do this because they have been told that they will make paradise. I pray that the light of the gospel will reach them and God’s mercy be shown upon their lives as they embrace true faith that gives them hope of Paradise.

      • Timothy Luke says:

        We pray often for Nigeria. It is indeed a crucible of fire and the hearts of the saints are tried through much suffering. May the Lord indeed have mercy upon them and upon their persecutors.

    • Jaya david says:

      Praise God! I pray more Muslim will find salvation

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