Is War with Iran Now Imminent? (November, 2011)

The press in Australia is starting to make loud noises about the need for us to do something about Iran. There are many who believe that the reason war drums are beating concerning Iran is that Western Powers are concerned about access to strategic oil and gas reserves. For an example of this viewpoint, hear the video below:

I know someone who claims that "World War III is upon us" already. He claims to have ties to certain parts of the intelligence community. Whether what he says is true or not, we do see signs that we are being conditioned to accept a major war against Iran.

This would be bad enough, but if China and/or Russia is drawn into the conflict, it will be "the end of the world as we know it". What would we do without all the cheap Chinese goods and parts flowing into our nations?

The history of the world shows that leaders of empires don't always care too much how their actions will impact the common man. Is it possible that the USA, NATO and Israel are mobilizing for war right now? 

Of course, Islam is also bent on world domination. Would it be better to be ruled by muslims or by illuminists masquerading as humanists and Christians? Neither alternative is very attractive to me. I'll rejoice when Jesus finally comes to take the reins of a world He has every right to rule.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Israel is already at war with Iran. It just has not been made official. At the present time, it has been predicted that Israel will probably go to war officially sometime before thanksgiving this year. They cannot continue to let Iran make nuclear weapons and threaten to annihilate them. God is on the side of Israel. That is Israel’s best weapon. Below is a prayer that Asa King of Judah prayed when he was surrounded by Ethiopia.

    And Asa cried to the LORD his God and said, LORD, it is nothing with You to help, whether the mighty or the powerless. Help us, LORD our God! For we rest in You and we go against this multitude in Your name. LORD, You are our God! Do not let man prevail against You! 2 Chronicles 14:10 (One New Man Bible)

    This is a good pray for Israel.

  2. michael says:

    We need to pray that there will be no war between Israel and Iran. If it starts it will lead to WW3.
    It will not solve anything, it will not bring the coming of the Lord closer, it will just cause untold misery and destruction.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      we should pray for the people,but there must be a small war,so the treaty can be introduced and the temple rebuilt,we can’t stop that or change the time, this is prophesy,so come Lord Jesus,come on,amen

      • michael says:

        And I am bold enough to predict it WON’T happen this year because of the prayers of the saints.

        • Holyroller_11 says:

          I’m bold enough to say it will, and it will get enough pressure to bring in the dividing of Jerusalem,we will see, no war is without much pain,and my heart goes out to anyone stuck in one,but in order to pull off the dividing of Jerusalem this is needed,as the world attemps to unite under 1 banner,Israel is the key to temporary sucess, whosoever holds the pen that signs the treaty between the leaders of Israel and the arabs will be you know who.then peace for a 3.5 season,then a war of wars will begin, the signs of the times,

  3. amused.not.really says:

    1) Lack of diplomatic communication is what allows things to move forward quickly, where good communication (in the same language) is the key to preventing wars. Unfortunately dip comm has been rejected by all involved in attacks and threats on the “Righteous Nation”

    2) Historically Propoganda has been used by all nations, but only the weak and fearful use it as a primary tool.

    3) Spies that in the enemies camp that don’t issue full reports as directed by superiors are considered to have defected and are considered enemy priorities, they have gone rogue and must be eliminated.

    4) yes ww3 is upon us and there’s only one way to stop it AND mass destruction, ….immediate diplomatic communication with DESIGNATED diplomats per each country, period.

    5) Pre-emptive strikes are required based on a sister countries previous attack and destruction of innocent brother country from the north. Pathetic Animals with NO moral compass or soul, just a bottom feeder of the most deviant sort.

  4. Holyroller_11 says:

    Behind Iran,Russia is a quiet partner,telling them we will back you up,but what really is going on is using them as a sucker to start something,then to be betrayed later. Russia is for themselves and so is China. but the first wave will most likely be a combined arab group of Iran,Egypt,Syria,turkey, just to stur things up a bit,to get a peace tready,which will last 42 months,then a real war begins. 1st a tready between Antichrist,2nd the 3rd temple rebuilt, 3rd. sacrifices started dailly by levi priests in Israel, 4th 3.5 years of famine 5th treaty broken and manditory mark of the beast, 6th wars and Israel defeated to the point they run to Jordan, 7 china attacks antichrist.then Christ returns to the Mt of Olives.AMEN

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