Is there a church that exists that is not charismatic influenced and believes in adult baptism?

I know its a tough question to answer, but I feel like if any true one exists I would quite like to go to a church again. However I would prefer that it does adult baptisms (as I havent been baptised yet, although I would settle for a church without bapism that has good teachings) and is Bible based and quite traditional, no wierd charismatic teachings or influence in worship.
I have already tried researching for myself but havent had much luck, it seems in these last days that there isn’t many churches around (if any) that don’t promote some kind of false teaching. I have tried researching the Baptist church but from the one in my town, but I could tell the charismatic teachings and influence have got in from thier website.

If anyone can help me it would be great if you know of a church that might suit me? If not than I would be really grateful for prayers regarding this.



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