Is there a church that exists that is not charismatic influenced and believes in adult baptism?

I know its a tough question to answer, but I feel like if any true one exists I would quite like to go to a church again. However I would prefer that it does adult baptisms (as I havent been baptised yet, although I would settle for a church without bapism that has good teachings) and is Bible based and quite traditional, no wierd charismatic teachings or influence in worship.
I have already tried researching for myself but havent had much luck, it seems in these last days that there isn’t many churches around (if any) that don’t promote some kind of false teaching. I have tried researching the Baptist church but from the one in my town, but I could tell the charismatic teachings and influence have got in from thier website.

If anyone can help me it would be great if you know of a church that might suit me? If not than I would be really grateful for prayers regarding this.



What do YOU think?



  1. Chris Petersen says:

    Dear Laura, I feel your anguish/frustration and can assure you I have suffered from not feeling “at home” or “welcome” in many a religion’s church. It took me all of 14 years of searching to find a church that performed and did God’s will and bidding rather than their own. That which I asked of them was to be Baptised and they gave me everything other than what I needed. In no wise different from asking for bread and being offered a stone instead. They would behold a speck in my eye, yet had a log in their own. I finally found “Full Gospel Churches Australia” and in next to no time I was Baptised in the waters of the Pacific Ocean which was preceeded and followed with songs of praise on the beach and a picknic afterwards. They are affiliated with other churches around the world and I have a link to their website on my blog. I’m not sure if I can include a hyperlink to my blog or FGA here. You can google my site with “The World As I See It” or “Full Gospel Churches Australia”.

    Remember: Blessed are they that hunger and thurst after righteous for its sake.

    Keep the Faith and God Bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

    Ps: Seems I am allowed to paste a link to my blog:

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