Is Jesus black?

There is this kid on the my bus who insists that Jesus was black.He is black so I kind of think that is the reason he told me that Jesus was black.I personally think that it doesn’t matter what his color was because his teachings remain the same.
Please try to reply and give an answer.And when I try to tell him that he might be misinterpreting it he tells me”it doesn’t matter what you believe Jesus is black and if you don’t believe it you will have to take it up with him in heaven.”I am not going to lie I have a slight hatred for black people but it is something that I ask God to help me overcome.I just feel that because he is black he maybe feels that it should be known.And so far the verses he has to prove them have not meant literally black.Ex.Revelations Ch.1:15.I believe it is said to describe his brightness which sybolizes his holiness and greatness.Another being Jeremiah 14:2 I believe it is in referance to how down they were because they had chosen to disregard god.I believe that by saying black it symbolizes anger and evil.I do not think it is literal.Please feel free to reply.This is a question and I am willing to accept being wrong, with that said I do not want this to bacome an argument.
The Hopeful

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