Is Heaven and Hell Real?

Is Heaven and Hell Real?

The short answer is YES.

The Choices we make today will determine where we spend Eternity. We live a lifetime of planning for this life but what about your plans for your Eternal Life? You will live for an Eternity either in Heaven or in Hell the choice is yours. We live our lives at the brink of Eternity every second of time. We are all just a heartbeat away from Eternity. We never really know what an hour or day may bring.
The tragic events of 9-11-01, the tsunami in Asia, frequent earthquakes and hurricanes are all enough to prove the fragileness of life on Earth. It would not be wise to wait until tragedy stares you in the face to think about your eternal destiny, now’s the time.

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Is God Real? Where is God?

Is Jesus Real? Who is Jesus?

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Prayer for Salvation? Salvation Prayer?

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  1. Thank you for creating this wtebise, is helping me going thru my day. Today is Saturday and have so many questions in my head, I’m sure God is answering me but I can’t see because of my weakness, please pray for me to understand God’s will. thank you all, thank you Jesus,Amen.

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