Iraq War

I refer to the article on the abcnews website October U.S. Death toll in Iraq Hits 100.

I do not believe that it was right for America to go to war with Iraq in the first place.

This war has cost an enormous amount of money, which could have been used to build instead of destroy.

I believe that the church, to the extent that it backed the republican neo-cons in going to war, has failed God.

The weapons of OUR warfare are not carnal. They are not guns and tanks.

When we think that guns and tanks have a role in establishing the Kingdom of Christ, we are well on our way back to the Dark Ages.

Could it be that the rulers of America would prefer a kind of feudalistic system in which ordinary people have no rights, not even to a fair trial? Have they been behaving as if they would like such a system to be imposed at both a national and an international level?

Has the church corrupted itself with the Beast, as it did in Germany in the days of Adolph Hitler?

Is it right to invade a foreign nation because you don’t like their system of government? Which nation defines what defines righteousness in leadership? Is it OK to lie, to deceive? Is it OK to invade nations and destroy their cities in order to save them?
Are we being told the truth about terrorism and who is behind terrorism, more than we were told the truth about why Iraq needed to be invaded?
Is it healthy to create a climate of perpetual fear and antagonism between people of different religions or cultures? Will this really promote the love of Christ, and the true understanding of the gospel in muslim nations?
Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world, otherwise my servants would fight to prevent my arrest”. When we seek to build the Kingdom of Christ by force of arms, or marry religion and politics, we are well on our way back to the feudalistic system of the dark ages in which the true witness of Christ was almost extinguished, yet the name of Christ was everywhere and church leaders were powerful political figures.

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