Investing is Good

God Himself often speaks in investment terms, and there is nothing inherently sinful in investing. That is not to say that it is O.K. for a Christian to invest in just anything – it would be wrong to invest in a tobacco company, a brothel or a casino since all these things tend to destroy people for the sake of company profit. But there are many companies or assets which may be good to invest in, some of which are currently underpriced relative to their true value.

In Isaiah 5 God speaks in terms of a vineyard, in which a lot of labour was invested, and sadly produced sour grapes. By the way, a little alcohol has health properties and no where does the Bible forbid drinking wine. In fact, Paul recommended a little wine to Timothy for the sake of his stomach and frequent illnesses. Drinking a lot of wine is condemned, as is gluttony – the misuse of the gifts of God is condemned. So investing in a vineyard is fine in God’s eyes.

In Proverbs 31:16 the excellent wife “considers a field and buys it”. So this woman amongst other things is a property investor. She considers before she buys – it is good to evaluate our potential investments before jumping in.

King Solomon was a property developer and a gold mining investor as well as a trader. In these ways he became more wealthy than anyone of his day, and made a lot of other people rich too. What we need today is people with the financial wisdom of Solomon and the passion for souls of the apostle Paul. They might not get to be as rich as Solomon, but they will achieve far more of eternal value.

Agriculture is everywhere recommended in the Bible – and it is a form of investing. You forgo the current consumption of your seed, and plant it in a field – investing seed, time, land and wages to receive a harvest. Of course, investments need the blessing of God. Things can go wrong, and we depend on God to make the growth. If no rain comes, or pests destroy the crop, the investment may be lost.

The point of all this is that investing is good. Nowhere does the Bible urge us to be only laborers to make someone else wealthy. If that is our lot in life and it cannot be helped for the time being, then so be it – but if you get your chance to be free – by all means take it. (1 Corinthians 7:21). God wants us to be the head and not the tail, but if we have the mentality of the “tail” then as we think in our heart, so we shall be.

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