Hi dear ladies and girls,

God gave me a dream some time ago about starting a prayer meeting online on Skype with women and girls from around the world. In obedience to Him, convenient or not convenient, I am starting it this Tuesday evening at 9 pm Brisbane, Australian time and also Saturday 9 pm, Brisbane, Australian time.

There are already ladies interested from India, Netherlands, America, Spain, Australia, etc – how fantastic to pray with people from around the world!!

Would love you all to participate and grow closer to God as well as pray for other’s needs!

My Skype id is marilena.fackerell, please add me and confirm your desire to attend, that is all you have to do.

The focus will be on growing closer to God together, praying for one another’s needs, for friends and family and international news, whatever God puts on our hearts. There will only be 5 min of teaching on prayer to give us an encouraging word to build us in faith for prayer and short testimonies to encourage us, the rest of the time will be prayer.

As a way of outreach, we can invite non-Christian friends who have a need and we can pray for them in the prayer meeting to show the love of God to them, it will be a testimony to them when God solves their problems. It won’t be a time of extended teaching or lots of fellowship time, though different people can give the 5 min prayer encouragement or short 1-2 min testimonies.

The whole idea is to use most time for prayer. Those who want fellowship can stay at the end of the prayer meeting and fellowship with each other. But we will make sure we introduce each person so we know who we pray with and welcome them to the group.

Please share this with your friends who might be interested and confirm if you are interested either for this Tuesday or for Saturday nights either here or on Skype. You can PM as well.

We need to go against the convenience that the flesh screams for and do pray even if it feels inconvenient! This is what I am doing as a mum of a 2 year old and a 8 year old. There are always things in life that makes us busy as women so there will not ever be a super convenient time for prayer, we have to make time for it, convenient or not.

Looking forward to hearing from you. If there are other times when it is more convenient for you for prayer let me know and I might be able to organize other times as well.

God bless you.


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  1. Evadniebr brown says:

    Hi am a stay at home praying standing in the gap Christian believer . Am praying the heart of God for this season for families,friends all nations and peoples and the body of Christ, his bride to make you herself ready. I believe in standing in the presence of God in fear, and trembling believing he is here not to take sides, but come as captain of the host. I believe the churh is a spiritual bible believing people gathered spiritually,together 24/7 praying the same things any having the mind of Christ. I am seeking to pray with people with similar beliefs

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