in urgent need of help

I am in need of help. I feel as though I am in hell right now, I am in constant terror.
I have never imagined that anyone could feel terror this severe.
My situation is that I am in severe family, financial, medical and psychiatric distress.
I am in a state of semi hysterical agitation, I cannot sleep, I have no money for food, I feel abandoned by God.
I have been praying for months and things are only getting worse. I am actually in terror of what each new day will bring.
I have approached churches that have outreach ministries, and have been turned away because of my psychiatric status, even though my psych problems are of a non delusional type.
I have only had the major hysterical episodes recently.
I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of being abused in hospitals since I was 12.
I have been in many psychiatric hospitals due to mood disorders, that is where the abuse occured.
I had been assaulted several years ago at my local hospitals emergency room, by hospital staff and local police.
I was involuntarily held there again last week, and even though everyone knows my history, the hospital staff and police were again verbally abusive and on several occasions medically neglectful, which re traumatized me.
I do not feel safe going to any hospital now
I do have a legal guardian, although many health care professionals have stated that they do not feel as though I need one.
The probate court is aware of my situation, I have also contacted numerous social services agencies, no one is willing to do anything to assist, which staggers my mind.
I cannot handle this stress any more sand feel as though I may be cursed somehow, at least for the fact that I cannot feel gods presence.. All I feel is fear and evil, and total abandonement.
I feel like I do not even want to be alive anymore, now that I know what real terror is.

I would like some spiritual support with this.

What do YOU think?



  1. Beloved says:

    I will be in prayer for you.You mentioned looking for help in a number of places.Have you sought any help from a local church? (as I began praying for you,this question dropped into my spirit) Carefully seek out a Bible believing, Spirit filled church.If the church you find does not understand the feelings you are having,look for another one.If you don’t have a Bible,try to obtain one.(a church should be able to provide one) There are also on-line sites for Bible reading.Begin reading the Psalms,you will find that David shared many of your feelings,and that he cried out to God for relief! You will also read the prayers of thanks and praise when these cries were answered! You will find comfort.If it is possible,surround yourself with Christian praise and worship music. You can also find this on-line ,if that is your only option.
    Be strong in the Lord,precious one.

  2. twoods09 says:

    Shoot me an email at [email protected]. I would love to help you out and help you stand in the strength and the courage of Jesus Christ! If you have chosen to follow Jesus then you are a child of God and as a child of God you have been given authority over all powers of darkness and can trample them underfoot. Command the fear to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and it will have no choice but to leave if you are a believer. Father in the name of Jesus Christ I take authority over all of Satan’s armies, dominions, ranks, and everything I have not names for that come against your will in tahitit79s life. They are bound in the name of Jesus Christ and must go to the feet of Jesus to be judged right now! Praying for you! Feel free to email me!

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