(In The Word Of God) 10- Falling Away From Your First Love

I hope everyone has had a blessed day. Before I post this audio link which is 10 of 16 I would like to share my heart. Jesus said in the in the last days it will be just like the days of Noah. Many people are going to be swept way from the flood. When you study Revelation you will see that that flood is going to be bitter as wormwood.

Bitterness is rooted in unforgiveness. I do not know exactly how long I have been a member of this website? I think it has been close to two years maybe. But as I have read a lot of statements and comments on this website from this weekend. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of bitterness and resentment I have heard spewed from peoples mouth this weekend.

And can I tell you something brothers and sisters? It does not achieve the righteousness of God. I do not care if you have all 66 books of the Bible memorized. If you think it gives you a right to hurl stones at one another because you have a head knowledge of the word you have completely missed it. Head knowledge of scripture does not mean you know God. That’s why the majority of the scribes and Pharisees split hell wide open. They thought if they knew the word of God in their heads it gave them the right to play God and act as judge and jury over the people of God. So they would look for fault by what people would say or due and when they caught someone living in sin or speaking what did not line up with the head knowledge they had they would attempt to stone them. Because they had murder in their heart due tied to their unforgiveness. Read John 8.

If you think because you have some great head knowledge of the scriptures that allows you to cast stones at whoever you please and beat them to death with the word of God then you are no better than the Pharisees and you to will split hell wide open with them. There is only one accuser of the brethren and you better not let him be your role model. Likewise there is only one Savior and I would advise you to start walking in the truth you know instead of the head knowledge you are making a idol out of before it sends you to hell.

Yes you are correct that the word of God is supposed to be obeyed. All of it! But it is supposed to be obeyed with a pure heart because you are walking in Love first towards God with all your heart and secondly towards loving your neighbor as yourself. But the word of God is not supposed to be used as venom to put others down to build yourself up. Some of you better start repenting or you are not going to stand in these last days, and you will be consumed by the bitterness you think is your protection or false eternal security.

Wake up!

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