(In The Word) 12- Healing In The Old Testament audio link by Milton Green

Good Morning brothers and sisters,

Hear is teaching 12 of 16 in a series by Milton Green. Make sure to go back and listen to these in order starting with audio link 1 that I posted.

For new believers this teaching series is a great way to mature and get a very solid foundation and bring you up to speed with a lot of the teachings that are done on this website.

I am so thankful for the heart of Michael to sacrifice so much of his time and resources to have this website available for those seeking the truth of the word of God.

audio link:

God Bless you all and stand firm laying aside all the things that so easily entice, and lets all move together in one accord to advance the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven.

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  1. repentingheart says:

    Someone sent an email to a friend of mine about the time you saw Milton at 12 years old. He sent it to me and after I read it I started looking for you on the internet and found this blog. I read your testimony and the vision and was blown away. I got a email from this same friend telling me there is a man that is so desperate that also was in Milton’s seminars in 1984 and when Milton started going through repentance this man was struck to the floor by the power of God and he said it was like 200 volts went through him. He got up and said I can see. He spent the next 2 years walking in that grace and glory and then drifted away. He went back to the world and is now struggling to get back to God and thinks there is no way he can come back. He lives in Lavon east of Rockwall TX,I thought maybe if you still lived there or around there you might could talk to him. He is going through what you did when you left the Lord. I want him to know there is hope because he is groaning so hard in the spirit he doubles over but thinks it is to late for him. Please contact me at [email protected].

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