(In The Word) 06- Hearing The Word of God audio link by Milton Green

I feel kind of like a kind in a candy store for Jesus to allow me to have found this teaching series from the 1980’s on healing and deliverance that was conducted in Dallas TX. by Milton Green. This is a sixteen part series that was done over a 5 day period. This is the 6th of 16. I have already posted the first five over the last couple of days and recommend for everyone to go back an listen to this series in order

During this seminar, Milton Green teaches the body of Christ how to not only walk in freedom by putting to death the deeds of the flesh,but teaches the body how to walk and talk like Christ in speech, action, and deed bearing fruit for the kingdom walking under the grace of God being led by the Holy Spirit to set the captives free through casting out of demons, heal the sick through the laying on of hands, and proclaim the true gospel to a lost and dying world. This is what the body of Christ, everyone one who claims to be a child of God, is supposed to be doing. It is not optional for a believer seeking the kingdom of heaven and I suggest to anyone seeking to enter the kingdom of heaven eternally to follow Christ in this manner or you are not going to get there. This is the fruit of the kingdom that Jesus told the disciples of how they would know if someone was truly of God or a disciple of Christ.

Now most church denominations and pastor so and so from the first church of the frozen chosen would like to deceive you into believing that obedience to Christ and walking and talking like Jesus is not only optional, but it is impossible and that only Jesus could walk in such a way. They want you buy into their same powerless doctrines, that will not conform you to Jesus, that they are putting their faith and trust in and promoting. I warn you brothers and sisters that powerless church doctrines, that do not promote the sanctification process of being led by the Spirit to do the work of the Spirit, will forever separate you from the love of God, and you will spend a eternity in hell. Doctrines, such as those, are doctrines of demons, which have given themselves over to a form of godliness which promotes the image of a beast (your flesh) over the image of Christ. They are counseling rebellion to God and spiritual harlotry, and is why the majority of the church has become enslaved by sin and the powers of darkness that promote the sin. This is the great falling away of the last days.

If you have ears to hear you better hear this next statement. If you have bought into a doctrine of salvation that says you can be forgiven in your sinful lifestyle and you do not have to change directions which is repentance. (true repentance- turning away from your sin to pursue Jesus and walk in the lifestyle that He taught his disciples to walk in). Then brother you better check out your salvation before it is too late. Quit buying into a bunch of garbage being promoted by deceitful people, who are being deceived, that try and tell you you can worship Satan, the beast, your flesh and still worship Jesus to. It’s a lie that rebels against truth, and it will send you to hell. Come out of harlotry and get away from anyone that promotes doctrines of demons such as these. I do not care how sweet pastor so and so is. I am sure when he speaks his tongue just drips honey and is so sweet to the ears, but he will drag you to hell with him if stay under what he is promoting and you will continue to have a harlot’s forehead.

We as the body of Christ are supposed to be conformed to Godliness and not to be conformed to a form of godliness. Forms of godliness are rooted in idolatry and promote another jesus that is not the Jesus of our bibles. It is time for the church to wake up and sound the alarm if you have ears to hear. The tares are about to be gathered up out of the kingdom and burned. Seek the Lord with all your heart while He may still be found. Clothe yourself in righteousness from a pure heart being led by the Spirit to arm yourself with the armor of God, to completely put to death the deeds of the flesh, and go to war against the powers of darkness that are destroying and deceiving the hearts and minds of the people of God.

Be blessed

here is the link for message 6 of 16

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