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When I was 12 years old my father took me to see a man back in 1982 that my church denomination was very unhappy about. This man was called home to be with the Lord in 1987. Our denomination called him a false prophet and that the signs and wonders that followed this man where demonic. As a matter of fact they had told all the churches under their doctrinal body that they would excommunicate any church out from under their covering if they allowed this man to come speak at their church. Many other denominations where quickly jumping on board with our denomination and where telling their churches the same thing. However there was a very popular evangelist, that was well respected within our denomination, who would lead huge revival crusades in different cities all over America in the late seventies and early eighties who stood up for this man. The evangelist said that this man was the real deal and had gone so far as to say that this man, Milton Green, had cast demons out of the evangelist himself. There was a church in Waco TX. within our denomination that chose to break ranks from the denomination decree and had invited this man to come to their 1200 seat auditorium and hold a three day healing an deliverance seminar. My father wanted to go see for himself what all the fuss was about and took me with him. During those three days the Lord used this an to plant seed in my life that forever changed not only how I viewed the gospel but how I viewed the salvation message. People had come from all over TX to hear this man speak and had brought numerous sick and diseased people, people in wheel chairs, the blind, the crippled, you name it, and somehow they managed to fit about 1600 people into that 1200 seat auditorium. The evangelist was there who was a very large man and introduced Milton Green and I remember thinking how small and frail looking he looked standing next to the evangelist. Milton Green took the mike and began to give his testimony. He had a very hick country accent and spoke very humbly and softly but his testimony was nothing short of miraculous. He had been in out of mental institutions, a drug addict, a alcoholic. He had lived on the streets being homeless. Became terminally ill and had suffered brain damage from and could no longer speak or talk and was waiting to die when God miraculously saved and healed him. I remembered thinking what a great testimony but I really do not see what all the fuss is about. This man seems about harmless and I sure hope all these sick people do not get their hopes to high because I do not see at all how this man could be capable of displaying anything special. After his testimony he began to briefly explain what the seminar was about and then he began to pray. It was at this time everything I previously thought about this man began to change. About ten minutes into his prayer I had never heard any man pray like that or even preach with such authority. and it seemed as if he had most of the bible memorized by heart. Then it was like he took it to a whole new level saying in Jesus name as he began to take authority over the powers of darkness and demonic powers and began to bind the power and control of those spirits over the hearts and minds of the people. It was at this time I saw the first manifestations of demons in people which sort of scared me and freaked me out to say the least. Mr. Green calmly went to those people and prayed quickly those spirits to be quiet and come out in the name of Jesus and peace was restored and he finished praying. After his prayer he reminded us this was a healing and deliverance seminar so we where going to see a lot more of that over the next three days. I had never seen anything like that ever before, and he acted like it was no big deal. Over the next three days Mr. Green began to teach the bible with a knowledge and authority like I have never heard before. He would start preaching at eight in the morning and would be spelled throughout the day by several other speakers and the preaching would go into late into the evening. However Milton Green did about two thirds of the preaching. They would take breaks in preaching to open up the altars for people to come down for prayer. I saw some of the most amazing things I had ever witnessed. People where being delivered of demons left and right. Some of the miracles where amazing. Blind people being healed. Lame people walking. I remembered doubting at times if this was really happening or whether these people where making some of this up. So every time they would open the altars up I would go down as close to the altar as possible so I could see and hear what was happening. And there is one miracle I saw that stood out among the rest and left me with no doubt I was seeing the real deal. I had gotten to about 25 to 30 feet away from where Milton was laying hands on the sick and somebody brought in a small child with a badly deformed arm. It was about half the length of his good arm. I remember Milton gently taking the child's arm gently into both of his hands and he began to rebuke the spirit of infirmity in Jesus name and commanding the unclean spirit to come out in Jesus name. After he cast out the spirit he began to pray over the child's arm and asking Jesus to restore and heal the child's arm. As he began to do this the child's arm began to grow and you could hear the arm making popping and cracking noises and the arm began to change from it's deformed condition and begin to resemble a normal arm. When He finished praying the child's arm was completely restored. I think the most amazing thing of all during those three days was how humble. He never would take credit for any of the miracles and was always deflecting all credit to Jesus. He always referred to himself a zero with the rim off of it. He was only doing a small part in the kingdom. He was just glad the little part that Jesus allowed him to do, but everything was about Jesus and Jesus only. I feel very blessed to have had the ability to meet this man, who actually prayed and prophesied over me during this conference. Thanks to Mr Green I saw that you really can be transformed into the image likeness of Jesus if you will truly submit yourself fully to the Holy Spirit and make Jesus Lord of your life. Anyway here is a audio link; i hope this works http://media.sermonindex.net/12/SID12611.mp3 God Bless Corey

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