In need of prayers

I am a mother two teen agers, I come from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy, and the yougest of the girls. I feel like my life has come so close to the end many, many, time. Some times I questioned why am i here. I was raised up in a household where you didnt get hugs all day. I didnt get comments on what I did good, or got alot of I love you just because. My childhood was one those you just want to forget and hope and pray that I make my children childhood better. It was alot of anger, fighting, fussing the house was just in tormoil all the time. Like they say children learn what they see and hear. So thats how my household is now. I dont want that to continue in my house I need to find ways to deal with the anger that I have within. And try to to deal with the hurt from the pass relationships that has made me this way as well. I got into a relationship with a very nice guy, of course he had some problems of his owns but so did I. But it was like small things he did for me that was nice I would lash out at him. I did try to find my own ways of dealing with it, like alienate myself from him when I got, but I guess thats wasnt helping the situation at all…. I need prayers, I need guidance. It hard when your family is not supportive or never have been. LIFE IS AT A TURMOIL dont know what to do

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