im seeing hell.

im 14, & im really young. im starting my first year of high school. my problem is that i watch porn. i blocked the sites i even added parental control on my laptop to avoid it. i dont want to be leading to early pregnancy, & a bad life that i isnt planned for me. i even wear a purity ring. im writing this because whats really the problem is, its affecting my spritual growth, & i asked God to forgive this sin all over & over again. for some reason, i feel like when you ask God to forgive the same sin all over & over again, he’s not going to accept it. is that true? i need help & advice…please );

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  1. First off, I would like to edify you for taking the steps to block pornography sites by putting up parental controls. God loves that!

    Secondly as long as you’re sincere about asking God to forgive you, He will and does always, because of the Blood of Jesus. ‘If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ 1 John 1:9

    Remember that the love of Jesus for you is much greater than your sin. When it comes to how to deal with the sin issue, I just wanted to post this excerpt from Andrew Murray (Godly Author of the 1800’s) – Book called Abide in Christ.

    ‘In his work The Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification, Walter Marshall, in the twelfh chapter, on ‘Holiness through faith alone’ puts with great force the danger in which the Christian is of seeking sanctification in the power of the flesh, ‘with the help of Christ’, instead of looking for it to Christ alone and receiving it from Him by faith. He reminds us how there are two natures in the believer, and so -two ways- of seeking holiness, according as we allow the principles of one or other nature to guide us. One is the carnal way, in which we put forth our utmost efforts and resolutions, trusting Christ to help us in doing so. The other is the spiritual way, in which, as those who have died and can do nothing, our one care is to receive Christ day by day, and at every step to let Him live and work in us.’

    I hope that makes sense to you, the way to overcome sin in your life is to be a branch in the Vine. Its not to try and try and strive in our strength, asking God to help us. Its to place yourself as a branch in the Vine (Jesus), from moment to moment, relying totally on Christ. His life and power will enable you to walk in freedom and will provide deliverance when you’re tempted. When you’re tempted, try as the first thing you do to react to the temptation, to place yourself, as a branch, in the Vine (Jesus), looking totally to Him, and relying totally upon Him.

    Hope this helps

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