I’m New and just wanted to say “Hi!”

I found this site a few days ago and I am so excited! I love to read the bible
and learn as much as I can about God and my Lord Jesus! This site is so great
at explaining things to me that I have been curious about. I have also been looking
for a way to communicate with other believers! I am very happy to have found this
site and look forward to reading and learning everything that I can as well as meeting and talking with other christians as well!
Love to you all,
I will be updating my profile and such when I have a little more time!

What do YOU think?



  1. Your desire for God is truly a blessing.
    Many people think God is a bubblegum machine: if they input the right things ten God is obligated to do what they ask. This is an insult to te God of the universe.
    May the Lord bless your attempts to get closer to Him and enable you to stay strong in your decisions! glory!

  2. blessed says:

    Hi Pinkytee,
    Welcome to the site and its really good to be here I agree:-), Im also new or maybe two weeks old…it’s great to get to know Christians all over the world and become blessings with each other.


  3. michael says:

    Hi Pinkytee, its great to hear from you. Thanks for being willing to be part of our community.

    I’ve just gotten back to Australia with my family but as soon as I can get set up and get some stability I want to do something to help the functionality of this site, for people to make interesting profiles, and connect to others by means of groups.

    You are helping us to get to know new people through involvement in this site, so thanks and God bless!


  4. pinkytee77 says:

    Ok, today is day 2 of my fast. I feel pretty good. I have not suffered from hunger
    really. I made a really good dinner for my family without temptation. I am not sure where to post my fast so I am doing it here untill otherwise informed. I would appreciate anyone to pray for me. I am fasting for a number of reasons. I will list them below:

    I am 29 and engaged to my longtime boyfriend of 10 years. We have been together off and on since high school living together the majority of the time. We have really been thru a lot. As time went on I have come to want to live for and serve the Lord. I have a 1 year old daughter with him and want more than anything for us to be a complete christian family going to church and everything. My fiance is a christian as in he asked Jesus into his heart when he was younger. I think he pray’s, but he never want to talk about Jesus, God, The Bible, or Church. Actually, he tells me he has absolutely no interest in going to church. This is a problem for me because I am absolutely in Love with God and want very much for us to go to church as a family including our daughter. I want her to be raised as I was in a christian home. Even if I were to get him to go to church with me, I would feel bad cuz we are not yet married. My prayer is that John’s heart would turn to God. I am praying and fasting that he will be drawn to God and come to learn about who he is and have a personal releationship with him. I want him to crave the word just as much as I do. Ultimately I want us to be in harmony in our beliefs. I want us to be a family that loves and serves God.

    I want to experience more of God then I ever have. I want to be so completely filled with the Holy Spirit and his presence. I want him to be more real and more important to me than anything in this whole world. I want to hear from God in a powerfull way. I want to experience all the promises of God.
    I want for God to bless me in my brand new Real Estate business. I am working on two separate deals right now and I am praying and fasting for them to be 100% successfull. We need a financial blessing really bad. I pray that everything will work out. I want this year to be a year where we are SO BLESSED that we can BE a BLESSING to others.
    I want my mom to be free from alcoholism.
    I want to be completely devoted to God and his Kingdom. I want to only do what he wants me to do.

    • michael says:

      Hi Pinkytee,

      During your fast I believe God will show you what to do. I think its important that you insist on getting married to your boyfriend if you live with him at all. You can’t keep a sexual relationship with someone you are not married to if you want to follow Jesus. If you are not living with him now there should be no issue about him coming to church with you. Honor God now and hold marriage in honor and God will bless you too.

      That is part of the price and risk of trusting God in your situation.

    • my prayer is with you. you will reveiced all that god intended for you. just keep the faith and you will have victory in the name of our most high God.

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