im having strange dreams

it started on suturday night when i came back 4rm church.i had this strange dream seeing a man whose skin tone was very very black.he was naked & hanging in ithe tree with a baby hanging there with him.he was just about 2eat the baby when i came and interupted him.i ran and he pursued me wanting 2 eat me and drink my blood.then the following day i dreamt being raped.then the following day i dreamt bieng a satanist.then yesterday i dreamt walking in the street on my way 2 a wedding and 2girls with cold eyes shot me with 2bulets on my head,it was like i felt no pain and continued my way 2the wedding and when i got there,it was like everyone there was a satanist…plz pray 4me coz these dreams are frightning a born again christian and im starting 2feel my relationship with God decreasing…..

What do YOU think?



  1. jesuslittlechild77 says:

    This isn’t coming from you but the devil! The devil is trying to frighten you through these dreams because he is frightened about how close you are becoming to God. I used to have these and they were really really bad but the Lord was there with me all the way through and he never let go of my hand. He will do the same for you. Please keep continuing to go to church. Continue to praise the Lord to praise him in every way you can and pray to him for strength. Then you will find the demonic dreams will go. After having them for a while you will find they don’t effect you or scare you as much as they use too. Take these dreams to God and when you feel these dreams coming on say to satan “Get away from me in the name of Jesus!” Pray to the Lord to strengthen you through them. A great prayer to keep satan away is to declare in the name of Jesus that if he comes anyway near you within a certain distance he will be covered all over by the blood of Jesus! It definitely works in keeping him away! πŸ™‚ Also ask the lord to surround you with angels and read Eph 6: 10-18 for the armour of God. God bless you xx

    PS. Also remember that God isn’t pleased with those who do evil. Evil is never victorious and he will never ever let satan pull you away from him even if you think his going too for God is in control xx

  2. Huck Finn says:

    Do you remember what your church service was about? – Did anything special happen there, or is the there something new and different in your christian walk?

    I’ve had some very strange nightmares over my life sort of like what your experiencing. My nightmares occured when I was really stepping up my Faith Walk. I could tell the enemy was intimidated which is really a thought of relief. The enemy attempts were pushing me closer to Jesus – I was praying more then ever and so their attempts were stupid! They were desperate!.

    If this answer seems right in your heart then keep in your bible and your Eyes on Jesus. They (the nightmares) will certainly go away.

    β€œFor we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

    Read the book of Ephesians (all of it) – The Scriptures really do make a difference!

    Hope this helps – and I’ll pray right now!

    In Christ

    When you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet. (Proverbs 3:24)

    • NHLANHLA says:

      thanks 4 ur responce,it realy helped.2answer the question u asked about the church service,i would say that something strange did happen.i remember rolling in the floor when the pastors were casting the demons in people who were possessed.i was taken 2the front where there were many people lying down posessed in different ways.after the service i was standing watching the pastors as they cast the demons..thats what happened

    • jesuslittlechild77 says:

      i have noticed that too my nightmares started about a year or so go and I have felt myself change so much with my walk with God this year. My nightmares are much better now but i need to trust God that they won’t be back.

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