im having strange dreams

it started on suturday night when i came back 4rm church.i had this strange dream seeing a man whose skin tone was very very black.he was naked & hanging in ithe tree with a baby hanging there with him.he was just about 2eat the baby when i came and interupted him.i ran and he pursued me wanting 2 eat me and drink my blood.then the following day i dreamt being raped.then the following day i dreamt bieng a satanist.then yesterday i dreamt walking in the street on my way 2 a wedding and 2girls with cold eyes shot me with 2bulets on my head,it was like i felt no pain and continued my way 2the wedding and when i got there,it was like everyone there was a satanist…plz pray 4me coz these dreams are frightning a born again christian and im starting 2feel my relationship with God decreasing…..

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