Ignatius – Bishop of Antioch – Alleged writer of many False Roman Catholic Doctrines

If you want to find the origins of some of the extra-biblical doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, you ought to check out the alleged writings of good ‘ole “Saint” Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch. Recent popes have emphasized the importance of the writings of St Ignatius. He is seen as a kind of bridge between the Apostles and the Roman Catholic church. The integrity therefore of this “bridge” ought to be carefully evaluated BEFORE you entrust your eternal soul to it. For that is what you are doing if you wholly trust the Roman Catholic church to lead you out of the wretchedness of sin and condemnation into the eternal glory that the true followers of Christ will inherit, according to the Scriptures.

It was Ignatius who glorified the bishops of the day and it is faith in his alleged words that forms the basis for the following ideas:

1. That Christ established something called the “Catholic” church. (Please note that the word Catholic is nowhere to be found in the New Testament).

2. That everything Christians do should be done “with the bishop” – that is, nothing is to be done “without the bishop”.

3. That everything the bishop approves of is approved by God.

4. The idea that the bread involved in “Communion” is the literal flesh of Christ which was sacrificed for our sins.

5. And other Roman Catholic ideas which may be referred to at a later time.


The wikipedia entry on Ignatius of Antioch reveals the following:

He (Ignatius) is also responsible for the first known use of the Greek word katholikos
(καθολικός), meaning “universal,” “complete” and “whole” to describe
the church, writing:

Wherever the bishop appears,
there let the people be; as wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the
catholic Church. It is not lawful to baptize or give communion without
the consent of the bishop. On the other hand, whatever has his approval
is pleasing to God. Thus, whatever is done will be safe and valid. — Letter
to the Smyrnaeans
8, J.R. Willis translation.


Whether or not Ignatius the bishop of Antioch ever actually wrote any of the letters which bear his name, is highly doubtful. The earliest extant manuscripts are from the 10th century and these letters contain have apparently been revised many times throughout the next few hundred years. There really isn’t any solid proof that the person who wrote these letters was really the person who was the Bishop of Antioch.

Let us THINK for a moment about whether the quote we have above from “Ignatius” really could represent the mind of Christ. We have the self-serving idea that “Whatever has his (the bishop’s) approval is pleasing to God.” Could this really be the case?

Can any thinking person really swallow the idea that whatever any bishop of the Roman Catholic church approved of WAS PLEASING TO GOD?

Was every use of money approved by bishops “PLEASING TO GOD”?

Were the appointment and protection by bishops of Roman Catholic “priests” guilty of child molestation and paedophilia “PLEASING TO GOD”?

Was the marketing of relics and indulgences by the Church with full authority of the Popes and the Bishops of the Church “PLEASING” to The One who caused the Merchants and Buyers in the Temple to be driven out with FORCE”?

If you think all these things and more which were approved by :”bishops” of the Roman Catholic church were “PLEASING to GOD” then you need your head examined. I think it would be far safer to simply admit that “IGNATIUS” was WRONG. [I put “Ignatius” in quotes because I am by no means convinced that what is claimed to be the writings of this Bishop of Antioch” were in fact his writings at all. A careful examination of the fanciful story of his alleged trip to be martyred in Rome during which time he supposedly wrote these letters also casts doubt on the integrity of the whole IGNATIUS story.]

But if “IGNATIUS” is wrong on anything so important as this, then EVERYTHING HE SAYS IN “HIS LETTERS” is also suspect unless it can be demonstrated to be true by a higher authority, that is, by the Clear Teaching of the Bible itself.

Dear Roman Catholic people, do not put your trust in something as uncertain as the so-called ‘Epistles of Ignatius”. There is a Living Jesus Christ who reveals Himself to people today. Call out upon THAT ONE, and confess Him before Men. That would be a much safer path for you. He (Jesus) is the One Mediator between God and Man, who gave His life in order that your imperfect record be exchanged for His perfect record in the eyes of God, who justifies EVERYONE who has and maintains a Living Faith in Jesus Christ.

What do YOU think?


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  1. charles allan says:

    I believe that the bread and wine is the body and blood of Jesus from scripture. That is why Jesus
    did not correct the departing disciples (John) who could not countenance eating the flesh and drinking the blood. He did not correct them but reaffirmed this fact in an even stronger way.
    In Egypt all the lamb had to be eaten. This is well defended by scripture if you google up the catholic websites. The early pre constantine church fathers had no disagreement here – nor does the didache. The greek translation means “chew”.

    Google up “the fewness of the saved” and see a catholic saint thoughts on how many catholics are saved (scripture will testify to this) it is a sobering sermon.

    • Holyroller_11 says:

      The gentiles are not under jewish law,anyone that believes this is deceived. Read your Bible. The latter rain would never have been,if they went against God’s will. 2nd you are either under grace or law,if you choose to be a Jew and live by their law ,on the sabboth day you can only travel 1 mile. but serously if you are not in the bloodline of jacob you are not a jew.

  2. ignatius of antioch says:

    I am new to Catholicism. I converted in 06. I really did not want to do it, but I went to one of those boring RCIA classes and was introduced to John 6:66 and the many paragraphs preceding that passage. I thought it was crazy. Here was God Himself telling his followers to eat His flesh/ drink His blood! Well I was shaken, so I began investigating in the Bible and early writings. I personally am convinced that He does not lie. The early writings I have read support John’s Gospel passage, as does the Bible itself. At the last supper He said this is my Body/Blood. At the multiplication of the loaves He showed his ability to do this type of miracle, during the passover.Again the bread was used.
    Malachai predicts this pure offering as the last thing in the old testament. And, get this, its for ALL NATIONS. That’s heavy for the Jews of the day. It would include the Gentiles! From the rising of the son to its setting. The mass is said continually around the world every minute of the day.
    In Exodus, the Blood of the sacrifice was what saved the first born, but they were also required to EAT It.(significant.) The entire Bible is Eucharistic. Open your eyes and see. In John 6:66 his disciples turn and leave forever because they would not beleive that Jesus would leave the gift of His glorified body for all mankind. I decided I am not one of those disciple who do not have the faith to accept him at his word. He says 4 times words to the effect that his flesh is true food and blood is true drink. And this comes from the beloved apostle. The one pictured next to him at the last supper in art. Ignatius learned from the bishop who was taught by JOHN. Ignatius lived up to 107 I believe. John died around 100. I trust John. If you want to really learn about the early Church, read Jurgens book on the Fathers and Mike Aquilina’s book about the Mass of the early Christians. Many, Many people died for the Eucharist in those days. I have been transformed by it. Read the Didache from around 64, its online. Also read the apologia of Justin Martyr. He died for this belief. Read about the North Africans who died for the Mass. But mostly read the Bible as one book and be open to its teachg on the priesthood and the Eucharist, etc. Its all there. Eucharist means thanksgiving. The Church is one and all Christians are called to be united with it. We don’t condemn Christians to Hell, who do not understand our teaching. They are just not in the fullness of the Truth. The truth will make you free.

    • crustydownunder says:

      So, what you are saying is, that Jesus was simply speaking the truth when He said eat His flesh and drink His blood? You think it was actually His physical body and His physical blood he gave to the disciples at the last supper. And you are saying every time you take communion in your catholic church, the emblems turn to real flesh and real blood? I think not. Did you not understand any of our Lord’s words. Jesus also says in John 6:63, “The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.” So, now are you going to believe the flesh counts for nothing? Or, are you sticking to your false teachings? When Jesus said “Tear down this temple and I will rebuild it, in three days”. Did He mean the actual temple, as the Pharisees thought. No, he did not. You base everything you believe on one scripture. You mention reading Jurgens book on the Fathers and Mike Aquilina’s book about the Mass of the early Christians to understand the early church. No, you only need to read the bible to understand the early church. The bible says “You need no man teach you but the Holy Spirit”. Funny you don’t take Jesus at His word on anything else, isn’t it? Jesus said “call no man father but God in heaven”. Yet you run around calling yourselves father. You fail again to heed the true words of Jesus. And in this is the fall down problem of the catholic faith. You DO NOT believe the bible as it was intended. Only those scriptures that can be twisted to fit your own doctrine do you hold to. The truth will set you free is correct. The problem is you are spiritually blinded and so cannot see the truth. Jesus warned you and you do not listen. “Having a resemblance of Godliness”. What you believe is the propaganda of the catholic beast. And yes, you condemn those who do not believe what you do to hell. The catholic church says, “those are not the true church of God”, how else is that to be taken?

      • Catholic and proud says:

        I seems crusty down under you are twisting the scriptures, the scriptures which were given to you by the Catholic Church which you decide to interpret yourself, without the Church Authority or Tradition. Your shotgunning attacks on the Church, but if you look at history, if you look through the bible you can see easily that all Catholic doctrine is supported and nothing Catholic’s believe or teach go against the bible, not surprising see the Catholic church put it together. I find it funny that for 1500 years there was really no problem with the true presence of our Lord in the Eucharist until the reformation. you claim you go by the Bible alone, but the bible never says to go by the bible alone, in face you will see no where in scripture that says bible and alone, or the bible even being sufficient. but you do see the church being the pillar and foundation of truth 1 Tim 3:15 . Your church or lack there of is started within the last 500 years, if you would like to come the fullness of Christianity I implore you to come to the Catholic church and see how they have an answer for every little attack you have against them.

        • The Roman Catholic Church did not give us the Bible. For a start, it was given by the Holy Spirit. As far as human agency, the Old Testament was given to us by the Jews, not the Roman Catholic Church. The New Testament was given to us by the apostles. You cannot simply assert that the apostles were Roman Catholics. You have to SHOW that they followed the distinctive traditions of Catholicism. Most of them never went to Rome and never had anything to do with it as far as mission. The apostle Paul who did go to Rome warned about some of the teachings that the Roman Catholic church would bring in, calling them doctrines of demons: for example in 1 Timothy 4:1,2 this idea that certain men should be forbidden to marry is a doctrine of demons. In fact Paul taught that bishops must be married men.

          From the early days people recognized the inspired nature of Paul’s writings – even Peter referred to them as Scripture. It didn’t take a bunch of church leaders to MAKE the Scriptures the Bible. It was already given by God, they just recognized what God had given. And they were not the first ones.

          I am not saying “Go by the Bible alone” even though 2 Timothy 3:16 says that through the Scriptures the man of God may be fully equipped for every good work. We also need the Holy Spirit, whom God gives to those who OBEY Him, to those who thirst for God, to those who truly believe. We need the Holy Spirit. He being God can guide us into all truth. He never contradicts the Scriptures which He inspired, but illuminates them.

          The Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches developed various different additional abberant traditions over the centuries. If they were truly from God, they would not contradict the Holy Scriptures. And also, true Christians would not go around murdering those they considered heretics – the Bible believers of their time. This the Roman Catholic church has done in its efforts to keep the Bible AWAY FROM the common people. Look at the history of this. The Roman church always fought people like Wycliffe and Tyndale who worked to bring the Word of God to the people. How? By murdering them. This disciples of Christ do not do. The Roman Church is a fake harlot church, borrowing much of its traditions from paganism, and following after the way of Cain.

  3. immaculate says:

    true to this truth will set us free was once in the churc

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