If America Bombs Iran

It seems a lot of people are predicting America will strike Iran → Iran will strike Israel → Israel will nuke Iran → sparking global nuclear war with muslims, Russia & China against America and Israel, bringing human civilization to an end. But someone sent me an interesting study about, “Can America Survive an All-out Nuclear Attack?” The answer is yes. And here’s the reason:

Imagine if every major population-center in America is suddenly annihilated in simultaneous, surprise nuclear attacks and America instantly loses 225 million lives. America can still retaliate – because their defence and command systems and weapons are already positioned far away from major centers, underground and all around the world in subs, ships, airbases, and satellites. So America will then begin to systematically annihilate her enemies using superior nuclear weapons. No country can finance a long war against America. As President Bush once said, “Any country who chooses a war with the United States has chosen its own distruction”. Then a global “nuclear winter” will set in as a result of the thousands of mushroom clouds rising into the stratosphere all around the world. America’s enemies won’t have the ability to survive the geophysical aftermath caused by their own war. But America’s 75 million survivors will have a better chance than anyone. They will migrate away from high radiation areas and spread throughout continental America. They will begin to rebuild (just like the world rebuilt after the bubonic plague which wiped out a third of the world’s population in only a few months). America will re-emerge as the world superpower, with one difference this time – her enemies won’t exist anymore.

Even if modern Israel gets totally annihilated in a nuclear war, Israel could be rebuilt again – because America currently has about the same number of Jews living in it as actually lives in Israel.

So after the initial horror of global nuclear war, the world that emerges from it could actually be a far better and more free place, with America and Israel again dominating but this time with unprecedented peace and prosperity (in much the same way that the horror of WWI&II actually rid the world of Nazism, the Ottoman Empire and Japanese expansionism, and “auschwitz” resulted in the birth of, rather than the annihilation of, Israel).

So there you go. The point being? Even if a nuclear war happens, end-times alarmists need to be mindful that it could end-up being something a future generation will read about in history books. Therefore no end-time preacher should be asserting that Jesus must come in our lifetime just because Iran tested a few fireworks over the weekend! Jesus could come – but He might not either. No man knows the day nor the hour. Our job is not to know when – our job is to be ready, and to preach the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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  1. rickyprediger says:

    Having recently read David Wilkerson’s, “Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth”, he was at the time expecting somesort of nuclear attack, and suggesting that when it came to the crunch, America would not be able (or willing?) to retaliate somehow. This was apparently based on his analysis of Bblical prophecy and his convictions- then, I don’t supose it was infallible and it was dated 1985- right in the middle of the Cold War, when the USSR threat was imminent, Then, knowing Russia nowadays, one cannot know…

    All in all I do not know.

    • Exactly. We don’t know. We can’t know. Not even Jesus knows. Only the Father knows the day and the hour. All we know is He is coming in an hour when we think not. He is coming quickly. He is coming soon. Period.

      I’ve been wondering why American culture spawns so many conspiracy theories. It certainly is entertaining watching all the new end-times theories roll off the press. They come in cycles. The eschatology theories largely reflect the newspaper headlines of the day.

      I think it could be a freedom of speech thing – due to their written constitution, their “inalienable rights”. The brave and the free are always on the lookout for being denied one of their freedoms. And of course, if freedom is threatened in America, it surely must be the end of the world since America is the focal point of all prophecy! Not.

      I’ve been a missionary in countries where people hardly even notice when one of their freedoms is threatened – because they hardly had any real freedoms to cherish in the first place. Christians in those countries certainly don’t start rolling new end-times books off the press everytime some new plan to rule the world gets revealed. They’ve been seeing such things come and go for centuries. They’ve just had to live with it. Besides, many of them never even had access to the printing press in the first place.

      But in America there are some people who think Jesus must be coming back by the end of the financial year just because the price of petrol may reach $1/litre (nevermind that the rest of the world has already been paying more than $1/litre for years).

      In America some people think the Beast of Revelation has been revealed just because someone starts preaching some dodgey doctrine (nevermind that centuries of dodgey doctrine was already taught during the Middle Ages and it wasn’t the end of the world).

      Some think it’s the end of the world if floods hit the Mid-West (nevermind the long list of far worse natural disasters elsewhere in the world over the past 2,000 years).

      To some, every earthquake that hits, every famine, every war, every conspiracy theory – is a sure sign of the last generation. Whereas in other countries the people don’t even have a Bill of Rights, let alone see it being threatened – yet they just keep on preaching the same old Gospel. No matter what happens – no new tape series about the end-times; no new books containing eschatological predictions – just the Gospel.

      I mean, Americans have a body-building competition, and they call it “Mr Universe”. They have a baseball competition and they call it, “The World Series”. They have a missionary organization and they call it, “The Center for World Missions”. I don’t mind that – but what if I wanted to put a sign over the door of a prayer room in Australia and call it, “The Centre for World Missions”?

      They have a flood – and preachers call it the end of the world.

      Some bad thing happens – and they think it has to have far more eschatological significance than anything else that’s ever happened anywhere else in the world in any previous or future generation no matter its magnitude.

      It’s called ethnocentricity. But what if your worst conspiracy theory comes true? Well how will you know the world won’t subsequently recover from it? How do you know God won’t send a revival? Or how do you know there won’t still be a far worse, more significant thing, in the distant future?

      Even if something terrible happens and the world has to go back to what it was like before America existed (God forbid!), since it wasn’t the end of the world then, it might not be even now.

      Or on the other hand it could be the end, even before your conspiracy even begins.

      We simply don’t know.

      So here’s a thought. Try to avoid ethnocentric hermeneutics and current affairs exegesis, don’t ignore far worse things that happened in previous generations, don’t focus only on what’s happening in your own newspaper, let the text of Bible prophecy speak for itself. And then see what light it sheds on your current events.

      And avoid the folly of all follies – of trying to come up with a date. When Jesus said, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.”

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