Identify your Enemy

by Paul Ross.

A compulsion is anything that enslaves you, binding you to a repeatable pattern.

Now today I want to talk about the nature of demon spirits and how they can be identified, but firstly I want to say that demon spirits can travel across the womb attaching to the offspring as though the offspring were the generational right and claim of what the Scriptures would call familiar spirits, or in short, spirits that attach to a particular family line.

Now the other way that these spirits can attach themselves to us is through direct invitation through a doorway via something that is forbidden or as the direct result of somebody else’s act against us, and so forth, and so on.

However today I don’t want to focus on the how’s and why’s but rather on the issue of identifying these cowardly personalities at work in your own life or in the lives of others that you may know. What’s more, as we begin to actually identify these hidden
entities at work we will start to draw a line of distinction that will in turn lead us towards extracting and removing them.

Ok, so what is one of the biggest identifying characteristics that reveal to us something true about their fundamental nature?

Demon spirits are tormented and restless and are insatiable beings; for they cannot be satisfied or quenched in their cravings. Moreover, they are driven by fear in that they cannot find true peace and are therefore restless and tumultuous beings that transfer and transmit their restlessness to the individual that is afflicted by them. Do you remember that I started out in this article by saying, a compulsion is anything that enslaves you, binding you to a repeatable pattern? Well spirits manifest their nature’s and desires through people as ‘compulsions’ that impel them to respond and act in ways that meet the spirit’s demand, want or need. For example if it is a spirit of fear it will transmit its own fear to the person causing them to become afraid. Now God has not given us the spirit of fear so we know this spirit has not been given to us by God. Furthermore fear can manifest in a thousand and one different compulsions that compel and drive the individual to apease it through corresponding actions and behaviors that enslave the individual in a cycle of torment and defeat. Moreover the same can be said for the spirit of alcohol, insatiable sexual cravings, drugs, irrational anger/rage, bullying, fascination towards occultic things and many other irrational unexplained compulsions.

These compulsions (of transference) are immaterial and unseen in nature and without the discernment of God cannot be correctly identified. The spirits vicariously live their lives through the host impelling the individual to acts and reactions that are specifically designed to attempt to satisfy the spirit’s restless overwhelming wants and desires. We see this in the boy that was compelled to jump into the fire and water in the Gospels and with the man whose name was ‘legion’.
But unfortunately we overlook the lessor compulsions as insignificant and subsequently ignore them. But brothers and sisters if we have picked up a hitchhiker, so to speak, that continues to sit in the back seat of our lives then we need to stop the car and ask God to remove it.

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