I’m stuck and I dont know why.

I have been asking God to set me free from a hold of homosexuality.I have been asking and praying,fasting,reading the bible everyday,going to church,changing everything about myself for Him,ending bad things I did for him,just really asking and constantly praying to Him that He would set me free but I am still with this curse and I don’t know why I am still facing my thoughts,sadness,anger when I am TRULY trying to be closer to God.I want to because I know I would be so much more confident without my curse and that I would feel so much closer to Him if it were gone but I’m just stuck.If there is anyone out there who can find out exactly what it is that is holding me back I would gladly answer questions or read stuff to try to find out what I’m doing wrong or possibly what I’m not doing that I should be doing.I have been praying that God will somehow tell me what is keeping me from Him but I haven’t been able to see or hear anything that makes any sense to me to help me get past this barrier.So again if anyone is willing to try and help me get to where God wants me to be I would be grateful beyond your comprehension.
The Hopeful

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