I will worship the lamb of glory , I will worship the king of kings!!!

I have a wonderful joy in my heart!! I have been singing this song all day!! Yesterday was a great service! When I went up for prayer I experinced 2 hugs from the Lord. His spirtual hug and a physical hug from my pastor. As I was waiting to get prayed for I asked the Lord to hug me, to please show me how powerful he is. I also asked him to give me an open heart and to knock me down even if I resisted. The Lord is awesome and I am so thankful for him. He has come into my life at such a young age and I am so thankful.There are people who come into the Gospel at 30,50 even 80 years of age, and there are people who are suffereing and are born into other religions, and here I am, in the USA ,with a roof over my head,fortunate to belong to a wonderful church, fortuante to know the Lord. The Lords love is so great I dont understand it sometimes. No word ,poem, or phrase can ever describe the Lords love for us! He is truly a great God, and I am so grateful for his exsistance. I will live my life trying to pay him back for all he has done in my life. Lord you are my life. My greatest love, is my beautiful Lord. Days like this don’t happen everyday, so I must take advantage and express to the world how you have my soul and heart dancing! And even when I feel like your not there I will praise you still because you are ALWAYS by myside! Thank you Jesus, thank you!

What do YOU think?



  1. I really enjoy reading the old testament! I especially enjoy kings, Samuel, etc. I spend large chunks of time in those stories.

    It’s wonderful to see how God worked to bring judgment or blessing on certain individuals (or nations) According to what they deserved..

    The old testament reveals to us how holy God is, and warns us of the consequences of crossing Him! The old testament can instill a genuine FEAR of the Lord in us!

    The old testament shows us the WAYS of the Lord.

    But the problem is that in a lot of the stories, it is so convoluted that it’s difficult to follow the plots and story lines, let alone pronounce some of the names!

    Does any here have a recommendation for a resource that makes the old testament stories more lucid?

    I would appreciate any suggestions, be they books, tapes, or even dramatizations.

    Also, secondly, does anyone have a recommendation for where I can find the Bible, especially Psalms, on tape or Mp3 for little or no charge, as I’m pretty broke right now.? (King James)

    • gate007 says:

      Hey Doug:

      Thanks for the input on spiritual warfare being a reason for unanswered or delayed prayer. I forgot to list that one.

      On the OT…I don’t know bro. You’re dealing with societies way back. Cultures, traditions, and colloquial sayings were different as was the law, marriage, agriculture, weapons of war, engineering, belief systems, false religions. Not to mention God’s ways of dealing with the Jews. It goes on and on. It was a different day under the law pal. Ain’t ya glad we don’t have to go thru all that? Geezz. Somebody get me a cheese burger.

      For starters Doug, I can double check but on my other computer I believe I downloaded a free Bible study called E Sword. What this does is you point your mouse to any word in english and a box will appear which gives you the entire meaning in Hebrew. It’s really cool and free.

      I also use the NIV study Bible, the Archeological study Bible and a few other sources…plus we got the internet to google anything that throws us and likely someone has a website on it. Don’t ya love modern technology?

      • Modern technology? It’s a love/hate affair for me. My youngest son is he one I call for my PC when I have technological issues. He can fix it without blinking!

        Sometimes with the OT, it’s not so much the words as the sentence structure and phrasing that throws me off. Sometimes, for instance, it will be telling a story involving two or three characters, and will use the pronoun “he” several times in the same breath, but it is darn hard to figure out which “he ” it’s referring to! Other grammatical things like that just break the sentence flow and throw my brain into a tailspin.

  2. Brothers…I am asking for prayer for a need for closure on something that occurred in my life a couple years ago. I can’t talk about it on a public forum, only in a personal e-mail.

    But to make a very long story short, there was a certain situation in my life where the devil shot an arrow at me totally out of left field. You could say I was AMBUSHED. And the arrow hit and penetrated my heart and I have not been able to pull it out for two years.

    It’s kind of like ..well, did you ever watch ants working their self crazy to build their little ant hill, and all of a sudden here comes some snotty nosed , barefoot brat boy, and he sticks his big toe in the anthill and GRINDS until everything is destroyed??

    Well, it’s sort of analogous to that. Only worse, because my heart is involved, and it really does involve an arrow of the enemy.

    I simply MUST have closure.

    Yes, I’ve gotten on with my life, but I STILL need closure.

    Please intercede for me. Please stand in the gap for me. You brothers here are all I have right now.

    I WANT the perfect will of God to be done. That is # 1! But I have fasted and prayed fervently every which was a man can pray since it occurred, including praying in tongues, but I need HELP! I just can’t do it alone.

    I short, I need a miracle! and the miracle I need is so UTTERLY impossible that I can’t even begin to describe. God is going to have to turn back the clock.

    Brothers, I need my Lazarus raised from the dead!

    By all the power by which he is known to be God, I need the fire of God to fall and totally, utterly destroy satan’s work.

  3. gate007 says:


    Hang on. Life is a long road and so will be your walk with God.

    Trust me. If this was easy then everybody would do it.

    Many people come to the Lord in prayer. Less stay.

    There are two ways I pray in general. Depending on the situation.

    First, if I have something I need from the Lord or even want, then I find at least 3 scriptures that cover my case. I ponder these verses to be sure they relate to what it is I am asking for. Why do I do this? because God has told me to remind Him of His word. Why? Did He forget what He said? No…this is to get you to go read the contract. Present the contractual agreement to Him like an attorney. Go to the Throne and make your claim in your time of need. After this …I let it rest and water it with praise on a continuous basis. I’ve been thanking God for my wife for some 18 years. I’ll get there.

    Second is I pray in the tongues, a language the Holy spirit gave me to intercede for myself and others. Why? Because I am an emotional being and I often do not pray either appropriately or accurately according to God’s will. When I pray in tongues I
    a.) am building my most precious holy faith
    b.) am speaking mysteries with God
    c.) am allowing the Holy Spirit to pray thru me

    I can get a lot more done efficiently with the HS than using my english prayers and my mind. I’ve seen God flatten all kinds of mountains in my life by praying in tongues. Why? Because it’s the Holy Spirit making intercession for me. Wow…we’re talkin perfect prayers now.

    Now to your comment. Yes…..whether you like it or not God chooses to use other people in our lives and these people may be disobedient when God moves on them. For example, I had a minister call me from Canada and ask his forgiveness. I said “why”? He said god had convicted him to pray for my finances and he did not intercede the way he should have. Hmmm? He was acknowledging his disobedience. Other people have come to me in the past and admitted they felt led to do certain things but just didn’t act. So yes……the prayer answering issue can be human disobedience, not God denying you.

    Stay tuned. Be more specific if you like or email me at [email protected] if it’s personal and I’ll try to help guide you on the prayer topic for whatever you are petitioning God for. I have strong faith. You’ll get farther with me joining you as well. Why? The Bible says one prays a thousand put to flight and if two pray ten thousand put to flight. Plus if two pray then Matt 18:19 can be invoked because it says where two come into agreement………..then I’ll do it. Get it?Two are better than one if the two are in agreement.


    • One you might include about unanswered prayer is our prayers being intercepted and held up in the heavenlies by satan and his agents, as Daniel experienced. God sent the answer, but the devil screwed it up. Seems that’s all he has to do with his time.

      With all the possibilities that exist for unanswered or SEEMINGLY unanswered prayer, we desperately need Divine wisdom as well as patience! Ahhh! But the catch is that we have to PRAY for them, again!

      Personally, I have always thought it grossly unfair that the devil can see us, and we can’t see him. I’m sure he gloats over this.

      We are fighting an invisible opponent,(to our human, flesh eyes.) so we are DEFINITELY going to have to lean on God’s supernatural vision.

      Reminds me of a certain episode of Star Trek, the next generation, that I won’t go into here.

  4. BAMA801 says:

    What is the purpose for asking God to change a situation in our lives through prayer if he knows the result. Would it make more sense rather to pray for repentance of sins and strength not to be conformed to things or relationships to this World rather than praying for a situation or action in your life to change just by asking God?. This really confuses me. If he knows the results of our lives why ask him what we want? Does what we want really matter if he is never changing and everything is planned millions of years before we we’re born?. I am not being fictititous I only want to know the reason why we should pray for something we want to happen in our lives if we are not sure it will happen, by human nature that will result in dissapointment am I right?. It would be nice to have a conversation with God and know the differences, but yet many of us are realistically not blessed to have such a personal experience with him. Any help please?

    • gate007 says:

      You opened a can of worms that will likely never be closed. Actually…it was already open and has been for centuries.

      First, we see in the Word that God claims He would have relented in a situation but found no man to stand in the gap. It seems as though God either will not or has limited Himself so He can not intervene unless He is invited. He will not override your will and doesn’t seem to show up unless He is asked.

      How does God work His will while allowing us our free will? Ahh….the mystery of the ways of God.

      Does God have all foreknowledge? Can He limit Himself to this knowledge?

      In Genesis when Abraham laid Isaac down to be sacrificed, God stopped him and said “now I know”. Apparently Ol Abe passed God’s test. Did God know he would obey Him regardless of the request? Seems as though this was not the case. Is it possible God limits His knowledge? If you say no then how does He forget our sins when we ask for forgiveness? He’s the all knowing God who forgets. How? He must choose to forget.

      Now for the unchanging God who changes. There are attributes to His character and honor that never change yet we see Him persuaded to change His actions regarding mankind in the Bible. God decided to wipe out all the jews during the desert period and start all over with Moses but Moses backed Him down. How did he do this? By pulling on God’s mercy string just like Abraham did with Him regarding the destruction of Sodom and Gamorah. God claimed His judgement on Nineveh, yet they repented and He relented.

      Remember in prayer. Delayed does not mean denied. Garth Brooks has a song that the best answered prayers are unanswered. Maybe an overstatement but you get the point. Ever ask God for something that later you were glad He didn’t grant you? I have.

      God beckons us to ask, knock and seek and to keep on doing it. Why? Because He’s prodding you to keep pressing in.
      In science, often one does not gain an answer because they did not ask the correct question. In our lives we will spend a lot of time in prayer pressing for the will of God, waiting for a reply or some form of answer. Sometimes as James states “we pray and pray a miss”. Other times it’s a wait issue. Other times we are not prepared for what we ask or He has something better. Also, others may need to be involved and they are not responding. Thus, the issue can be others disobedience and not yours.

      Recently I blew a gasket with God over a business and financial situation. I mean I was really ticked. I prepared approx. 10 years to be in this situation and God was not blessing anything I was doing. I’m talking thousands of hours of my time, preparation and money and still no help from the Boss.

      Anways…I was in church and a man came to me and said “The trials you have been thru were directed by me saith the Lord. There is a sediment on your spirit I want to bring to the surface, like silver and gold. When I am done, you will be more effective and there will be clarity”

      Wow…after 10 years of prayer and believing God to move I find out I am the problem. I am still not ready. There is something in me God wants to remove. Yep…back to the potters wheel I go.

      Let me strongly suggest 2 books to buy. One, The Fire of Delayed Answers” by Bob Sorge and “Prayer” by Phillip Yancey. This book is in every Borders and Barnes and Noble. Billy Graham called him the greatest christian writer of this century. Phillip Yancey asks the question why pray? Does it matter? What’s the proof? A must read. Read all his other books too.

      Trust this helps.

      • BAMA801 says:

        Gate007 this helps me tremendously. I often pondered why or whats the use of praying when God has our whole lives planned ahead of us. The issue of free will helps me to figure out does God really know every aspect if we truly have free will, just as you pointed. I think my prayers are being in waiting due to others disobedience rather than mine. Not to point the finger at other individuals or make any excuses. I am not even sure that what I even pray for is within Gods will. How can we even discern the difference. It would be a shame to pray for a situation and it never happens due to the fact that it is out of Gods will, and not even knowing that it is against his will. To be honest, my prayers are not of personal satisfaction or increase in wealth and things of the sort, my prayers are specifically for repentance of sins, relationship healings and discernment of understanding the will of God, yet I feel my prayers are not being answered. Many Christian leaders in my church tell me that my prayers are in the will of God. I am confused. I am a baby Christian and yet it seems that I cannot get a personal relationship with God or a prayer changing situation in my life, what am I doing wrong?

        • JustAGuy says:

          Bama, the Bible counsels patience many times, because God must work out his will for all. We are all part of a larger piece. You may be ready for the miracle, when another in relationship is not… but God is working and will not force our will on another. He will woo them, but ultimately it is their choice. Patience. If you do not receive the answer you desire in a prayer that ivolves another’s free will, it does not mean you prayed the wrong prayer. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who stoned the prophets. How often I would have gathered you as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you would not?” Even here, God has to place his own desire for relationship out there to be rejected. He still lays down his life, we sometimes get a taste of it for ourselves – and it hurts. Its not wrong, but it hurts.

          Blessings and Peace,

    • JustAGuy says:

      Bama, God knows the end from the beginning as far as what the course of events will be for mankind, but we are all left to choose. God says, “if you choose life, you will receive life.” But we have to live it out in our daily choices. God does not choose our choices. He knows us like the back of His hand, but we are in full control. He knows how we will choose because he knows our hearts. This does not mean He dictates our thoughts, He simply knows them.

      We can always repent, and change the course of our thoughts and ways, and God will be there to help us obey in all things. We can give up in our sin and die, or we can repent, turn to God and seek Him – it is our choice.

      When it comes to the events in our lives, we can know the will of God is for us to live. He clearly says that several times in the Bible. For example. “The Lord has no pleasure in the death of the wicked.” That tells me if I desire to turn from sin, He will answer my prayer. It tells me if I am backsliding, He will lift me up if I repent and call out to Him. If I am in a broken relationship, He is the God of Love. His will is that we grow in love and honor the relationships that honor Him. He is our Healer. That tells me He loves to fix broken hearts and broken relationships.

      We pray to fulfill the Word of God. For example,my wife and I were barren for 12 years. The Lord healed her of a condition that was completely different, but was so serious we put off our own desire for children and were fighting for survival through that issue. When the Lord healed her of that, we had our hearts pretty closed off to the painful failures of having children.

      We know God’s will is to bless. He desires to give and give and give. He loves children. They are a blessing, not a curse. God wanted us to have children, Satan did not. As an act of sheer obedience, my wife opened her heart to the Lord for children. For two years we sought Him. One day I went in for ministry to address hidden issues that might have me out of line with God’s heart as a father. I had not dealt with it on this level before. Within 30 days my wife conceived and right now I have my second child yacking in my ear about his birthday coming up! His two little sisters are still sleeping.

      We are to know the will of God by studying His Word, and then our prayers are geared to the fulfillment of His will, not simply our own. Often He desires to fulfill our will, ‘just because’ He loves us!

      Blessings and Peace,

    • tknoerle14 says:

      Many times we can get ourself confused if we simply don’t recognize that we are to confidently rely on and trust in the promise God made to us in His word. When I pray I look at both..the actual need in the situation AND what God has said in His word about the kind of need
      which I am facing. Frequently there are blatantly clear things He has said, and so I stand on THOSE things…no matter how my feelings are at that moment. He is my Daddy, as that’s what the Aramaic word ABBA means (it’s an intimate word, NOT the formal word: father). As Daddy He totally understands me saying: “Dad, You promised You would, so I stand on Your word”; then I insert exactly what the scripture says that He promises to do for us. If I need healing (whether it’s physical, emotional, relational), then I quote Isaiah 53:5 and 1st Peter 2:24..”by His stripes we are healed” &
      “by His stripes we were healed”. There is an aawesome action to be taken by us in reminding Him of His exact covenant promises. Philippians 4:6 tells us we aren’t to be anxious “BUT in everything
      by prayer & supplication (your definite requests), with THANKSGIVING continue to make your wants known to God”. I am always checking first if my attitude is surrendered to God, and if I am asking according to His word. Psalm 138:2 is something that is too often completely overlooked when discussing prayer. But His word says He has magnified His own word above His name! If our heavenly
      Daddy on Whom we all lean on thinks so highly of His own covenant promise, why don’t we? I Stopped having internal arguments when I simply pray: Jehovah Daddy, You said….”. Jesus, Himself, said, in John 15:7, “If you live in Me and My words live in you, ask whatever you will and it will be done FOR you”. As Psalm 37:4 says: “Delight yourself in the Lord , and He will give you the desires of our heart.” And we find in Psalm 84:11 …”no good thing will He withhold from all those who will live uprightly”. And what does 1st John 5 verse 14 & 15 say? “This is the kind of confidence we have in Him, that as we ask anything that is according to His will, He will hear us; and as we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we KNOW that we have the very things we desired and asked of Him”. What is His will? Whatever He has already said He wants for us. Be sure to let your mind soak up what you read in Psalm 35:27, in Jeremiah 29:11, and James 5:13-18, just to name a few places wherein you can be encouraged. Sometimes we have impatience in wanting something to be immediately ours, and we must wait to see God deliver it into our hand. And be certain, Jesus said those who do hunger and thirst after righteousness will be FILLED. The Lord does see you as you lean hard to hear Him, and as you seek His way for your life. Rest in knowing also ALL that is said in both Matthew 7:7-11 AND Luke 11:1-13… as Jesus Himself is telling you that you must persist in your prayerful asking, and THEN He will answer. Our asking is our opportunity to humble ourselves, & it’s also our opportunity to learn to wait for His timing.

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