I was pleasently Surprised

While reading the article that was written on women in ministry, I was suprised by the fact that you mentioned the pre- adamite theory. I have only heard about it from my old paster & had come to believe it to be the truth. I was wondering if you would teach more on this subject just because I know if I didn’t know about it that many others have never heard of it. I know that the book of Job & the book of genesis complament eachother in this lesson. Yet ther are things that you have tough that no one I know has ever thought about yet I have believed for years. For instance. I do believe that man was made Male & female & that part that was female was removed from the man so that he had a wife & that is why you should alWays take for your mate the opposite sex. Because otherwise it is contrary to Gods plan. Also when you read on the spirits of God. In the revelation of Jesus Christthe bible speeks of the 7 spirits of God & also I can’t quite place this verse. But I know it to be biblical. WiSDOM is known by her children. I believe that says that wisdom is female. I also believe that god is neither male or female but both spirits. I believe that he is spirit and those who worship him must worship him in Spirit & truth. Today there is way too much gender confussion & sexual confussion that I will not go any farther into that issue. But when I read your article I was greatfull for the way that you explained your view on women in ministry. I have not had the calling to minister, but I am a missionary each & every day no matter where I am. So I write this blog to encourage others to explain there views on the pre-Adamite theory and women in ministry both. And also if anybody has more to teach on the 7 sperits before God I would love to read them. Thank you. Your fellow Sister in Christ Jesus, Annette

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