I want to see,and hear God.Please Pray for me.

I would like you to pray that I can understand all of God.I want to always understand the bible as I read.I would also be grateful if you prayed that God will train my ears to hear him,my heart to love him,my eyes to see his holiness and greatness in the world.I would also be greatly appreciative if you could pray that God will teach me when to talk,I believe that God helps me a lot when I talk to others about Him because my words will actually flow really well and people understand what I am trying to say.BUT I tend to say too much,or say things at the wrong time.So if everyone could also pray that God will show Himself to my family it would really help.It is hard for me because I do not have lt of encouragement at home.They do not (for the most part) say negative things about God but I would really appreciate if they supported me more.For lack of a better word,Thankyou.
The Hopeful

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