I trembled and Screamed. What that means?

HI everyone,

I have a question. This past Sunday at church I went up for the alter calling. The people that needed healing stood at the right and the people who needed strengh went to the left, so I went to the left. There I prayed and prayed and as usual I contrained the Holly Spirit. When the pastor came to me and placed his hands on my forehead my body trembled like a leave and he said in my ear, open your mouth and praise Him. God wants you to praise Him and sing b/c when you sing the throne gets full.

In spanish he said, “Abre tu boca y alaba a Dios, el Senor quiere que tu le alabes y le cantes porque cuando tu lo hace el trono de Dios se llena”….

Then, I screamed really, really loud. I was trying to contain the screaming but it came out of me. Then the pastor said, he left. The one that was sent to bother u left. Why did I scream and what he meant by “Throne gets full when you praise and sing”?

I have been in church for 6 -7 month, and I will get baptize this on Feb 18, I am shy and I can not sing at all, so then what he meant. Is that my calling? Why I screamed?

Please help….

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