I trembled and Screamed. What that means?

HI everyone,

I have a question. This past Sunday at church I went up for the alter calling. The people that needed healing stood at the right and the people who needed strengh went to the left, so I went to the left. There I prayed and prayed and as usual I contrained the Holly Spirit. When the pastor came to me and placed his hands on my forehead my body trembled like a leave and he said in my ear, open your mouth and praise Him. God wants you to praise Him and sing b/c when you sing the throne gets full.

In spanish he said, “Abre tu boca y alaba a Dios, el Senor quiere que tu le alabes y le cantes porque cuando tu lo hace el trono de Dios se llena”….

Then, I screamed really, really loud. I was trying to contain the screaming but it came out of me. Then the pastor said, he left. The one that was sent to bother u left. Why did I scream and what he meant by “Throne gets full when you praise and sing”?

I have been in church for 6 -7 month, and I will get baptize this on Feb 18, I am shy and I can not sing at all, so then what he meant. Is that my calling? Why I screamed?

Please help….

What do YOU think?



  1. Dios te bendice Hermana
    Tenga mucho cuidado en hacer pregunta en estas paginas Uno nunca sabe quien esta respondiendo o comentando Lo mas importante que puede hacer es buscar las respuestas en la palabra de Dios La Palabra de Dios nos dice que EL Espiritu Santo es el que nos enseña y nos administra John 14:26 and 1 John 2:25-27. Diariamente , dia y noche lea la palabra y antes de que lea este segura que ore al Señor para que le de sabiduria, entendimiento y revelacion. La Palabra nos dice que hay que pedir inteligencia en Santiago 1:5-7 Mi oracion para usted es que Dios encamine sus pasos hacia una mujer llena del Espiritu Santo para que la ministre correctamente. Contestando su pregunta de acuerdo con lo que dice Es el Espiritu Santo que esta trabajando con usted es normal lo que ha sentido siga buscado y llenandose de la Palabra . Escucha esta alabanza se llama Espiritu Santo y la canta Rocio Croke. Cuando el pastor te dice que abras la boca y alabes a Dios esta en lo correcto Al Señor le encanta que lo alabemos ,en la alabanza es cuando El se Glorifica Psalm 150 aprendetelo. Aprendete tambien el Psam 1. Te recomiendo tambien que leas The Gospel Of John PS Congratulation en tu bautismo

  2. Because of the horrible experiances people have had at some of the camp meetings or retreats,use allot of caution when listening to what others say.Now Michael the owner of this web sight you can see easily his heart because he got allot of great teachings on this web sight but I personalley feel if you cant find out information about a person dont just assume their right on.There is many weird teachings out there that confuse allot of people and instead of these people asking questions and wanting to see it in the bible they assume its biblical than they find out that its an occult.Study and read your word daily even if its only one scripture break it down and study it and pray in the spirit daily.I have met some great people on the web but just because some one sounds great doesnt mean that their right with God.All my dear friends are either teaching at a bible college,O.R.U or they are in the minestry some where and I trust these men more than others because when you in the minestry,you normalley have people holding you accountable.Some think accountability is horrible but isnt a proven fact that every one of the great men and woman of God in the bible all were faithful,accountable and teachable.So please use allot of caution when you ask questions or seek advice on the internet.

  3. I have seen with my own eyes a person one time have a spirit of murder just like a spirit of lust and this spirit would convince this person that they should start killing people.When this person went up for prayer one day they started to growl just like a dog would and it was amazing because the person was set free but she thought those thoughts were her thoughts.See many times Satan will convince you that your sinning but he is the one dropping ideas in a persons mind so they live in defeat because they go around repenting all the time feeling like they have major issues but actualley Satan is keeping this person bound up.When a person tries to prove their point by threatening,or being a bully,or being arguementive you cant win because these are how the religious leaders were.See after coming out of Satanism and the occult I had to be set free from 72 demons I knew by name that I could actualley see and hear.It breaks my heart that in the 1980s the church was on fire for spirtual war fare and now most places I go people just believe if they leave Satan alone he will leave them alone.I am amazed by all the false doctrine that is being taught to day because for instance I know 3 men who have been set free of the spirit of twist or meaning a perverted demon so they are no longer gay but on fire for God now with wives.So just study your word over and over again and pray allot in the spirit like Apostle Paul did.I hope this helps you…Tim

    • Tim,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

      Tim looking back I think that I was released from an oppressive spirit. However, I am not sure how I got this foul spirit.

      I don’t know if I got this spirit when I went to a “retreat”… so I thought it was a chrisitian retreat. It turned out to be a cult.

      They had us doing so many weird things, we couldn’t be alone, no phone or watch. We only slept for 1 hour a day and they forced us to get up and be prayed for. We were starving b/c they only fed us break fast and dinner. We did not know at what time things were being done b/c the only watch that was available had the same time all the time, 11:15… So when you asked the ladies what’s the time they would laugh and point at the broken clock, “oh, it’s 11:15″… That experience was so spooky. People were throwing up and they said it was b/c the bad spirits were leaving. At one point they demanded everyone to go up but I did not go up so I sat and the lady that was talking pointed at me and said,

      “You, you will take all these demonds that are here”. I was not afraid some how I felt that God was with me. I just continue to pray in my head.

      When we were heading back to the main church, I felt a urge to leave the bus. Some thing was telling me not to enter the church. I felt as if in that big church we were going to get that final zeal….

      As soon as the bus stoped the ladies in charge were blocking the isle b/c they knew I wanted to leave. Some how I managed to get off that crowded bus b/c I felt this big pressure and I was shaking like a leave, some thing in side of me kept telling me you MUST LEAVE NOW,…NOW,.. Go GET out…

      It seemed as if what ever was in that church was much bigger and I was not prepared to handle it. My spiritual walk was not that strong. What ever was in there was really strong so I just got up and told everyone one that was blocking my way to move, move out I have to go to the bathroom now… That was my excuse and the only way to get out of that bus.

      There is so much more to this story, but I just wanted to share that and ask if the foul spirit that had entered me might have come from that experience.

  4. One of the manifestations of demons when they leave can be that they scream. Don't worry, this is a good thing. When they come in, they come in SILENTLY. It is very good that the demon was forced out by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Praising and singing to God brings the dominion of God into the atmosphere you are living in. That's what he meant, I believe.

    • Michael, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and answering me.
      Many of the people in this web page have helped me with some of my MANY questions. Thank you, and God bless you and yours.

    • I had a similar experience.While at a conference, after hearing a teaching on religious spirits,I went up for prayer.As soon as the one ministering put her hands on the back of my neck,I began to shake and shriek. Literally. The people assisting pulled me to the side,and were telling me the Lord had more for me ,or something like that. I felt like I was in the backseat,and something else was driving.Everything around me seemed muted,like the world was sort of
      shut off.The whole thing probably lasted under 10 minutes.I came to myself sitting on the floor,and crying.Maybe everyone assumed I knew what had just transpired,but I really wasn’t sure.I felt lighter. Was this a type of deliverance?

      • Its interesting, people can be delivered of religious spirits without even knowing that this is what is happening to them. Praise the Lord that you got free. I am sure no one taught you what to do in this case 🙂

        • Hi Michael,

          When delivered do all the foul spirits go out at once? In my case, the preacher said, “he left, the one that was sent to you left”… Was it one foul spirit?

          k, so the foul spirit is gone what next?

        • Thank-you! for replying Michael.

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