I to must approach old close nit friends about my change to god and jesus

I myself have just found christ and need to let my friends just like another post i just read from “dresserandkeeper” I know as it is actually something to be proud of not ashamed. I feel i will loose a life long friend and most of my friends within my group if I do as we are a very tight nit group.

To be honest without even knowing until late they are actually closer to the path of destruction than i realised as my best friend recently whilst drunk took me down to his garage where i actually physically felt sick and like i couldn’t breathe, a minute or two later he pulled out an on tape cover of a band i used to listen to and only found out he still does, it was a Deicide cover (deicide meaning Dei= god cide=kill) and said “this is my bible”. Another friend within my group who is a good man just making stupid choices quoted on his facebook page a song line which goes “Who needs a god when you have saTan” this really concerned me for my friends emotional and spiritual wellbeing”

I feel i must break free of my old friends as i am fighting for my own soul, but know it will be hard as we have been friends for a long time and there are some very good people (infact they are all good friends some are just misguided) within my group but if i loose my best friend i basically lose them all.

At the end of the day I know my new found friend and personal saviour in jesus is more important than my own friends but i know i will struggle with this aswell. I wish they would change their ways aswell but I am doubtful that would happen, which makes me sad

What do YOU think?



  1. Natasha Vencatsamy says:

    David,I have to say well done for taking a stand,While I shall keep your friends in prayer know that God loved you enough to pull you out of a destructive path.Welcome to the family and friends of Christ.But because of His great love for us,God,who is rich in mercy,made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in our transgressions-its by grace you have been saved.Eph2:4-5.

  2. David, its tough to break with friends who are on the path to destruction, but the best way you can help them is to get strong enough on the way of life to be able to show them a better way.


    In the meantime we'll find ways to connect you to a new set of friends who will encourage you.

    • newlight says:

      I do agree with you michael I have to concentrate on myself first and then try and help others. One of my friends who is christian I directed to this site to see what i have been through. He told me last night infact he has made massive changes to his life for the better now, he has given up marijuana and alcohol and i am very proud of him, whether it was under his own steam or my story that enspired him to change i don’t know, but either way he is making an excellent change.

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