I still need God in my life!

I have asked God for many favors, He has always seen me through. I’ve also joined others in prayer for their urgent requests and God has always come through, yes He will never desert us, but I still can’t understand why I’m being attacked by the devil, my daughter’s being attacked too. I really do trust in God, but with all that’s happening, I feel so abandoned, i need someone to pray for me too. Please pray with me.
May God bless you.

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  1. carolinechrist says:

    peace grace and blessings be upon you Teresa in Jesus name:)

    Just like you i went through a lot of attacks and i found out it had to do with cursed objects that i had in my home that i was not aware about!
    when i removed them and repented all things changed and the attack stopped! there is a sight http://www.demonbuster.com/daily.html
    there is a lot of good warfare stuff and info that i used and it was to great help.

    I will pray for yo right now and your daughter in Jesus Christ name!

    father who are in heaven i come in the name of Jesus and i ask you to assign angels of warfare and deliverance to my dear sister and her child, i bind and cast out any demonic activity in there house and surroundings i command the power of witchcraft to come out in the name of Jesus and not to return in the mighty name of Jesus! i release healing, joy, hope and grace with abundance of love over them both by the power of the holy spirit. I loose the blessings of heaven over their lives in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our deliverer/savior and healer! amen

    praise God!

    much love in Christ

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