I seek your favor, my Lord

Lord I will enter you Gate’s everyday
I will come before your Mercy Throne everyday
I will place my pleas and my petitions everyday
I seek not of gold and silver, neither of previous stones
I have come to seek your favor
So that, You would have mercy on this mankind
Once again you would sent your Holy Revival
You would gather your chosen remnants
You would strengthen their faith
You would rise in your galore
You would shower your Grace
Once again your Glory be shown
Your words be proclaimed
You alone are the God and there is no one beside you
Man cannot hide in the mask of religion
Nor in the philosophy of mind
They will be separated into two
One can be with you or against you

What a joy for my soul
My lord took me to His presence
My essence is in Him
And He leads me in His path
I desire not the doctrines of man
They are corrupted and they fade with time
Lord, I will seat at your feet
You are my Master
You teach me your words
I will learn your statutes and follow you
I am eager to receive your words of life
I will meditate it day and night
I will write it in my heart
And its light will shine outside
Here I am, to fulfill your plan
I will endure till the end of my time
I will fear not, for you had already paid my price
I will harvest the seed that you sowed

Where my Lord is, there is my soul
He reigns from the heaven high
What is without Him?
He is the author of life
He is the All Mighty King
His valor is above the wisdom of man
Yet I wonder at His love and mercy
How kind and forgiving He is
Lord, I pray not to give me peace and joy
I pray to give me a heart like yours
How can I think to rejoice?
When my Lord suffers at the plight of His children
How they are ignorant of His love?
How they take advantage in the name of His grace?
Lord, give me a heart to love your creation as you do
I am happy when I am with you
And you are my eternal delight
What will be search more, I am whole in you

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