I saw the miracles of God

A testimony of Sompis Phontep

Compiled by Vachiravan Vanlaeiad

I was born into a Buddhist family. My husband and I had been so very religious that he once was ordained as a Buddhist monk and I, for various periods, a nun (without shaving head and eyebrows). I had also constantly practiced meditation and did all kinds of merits guided by the teachings of Buddha.

When our 2 daughters (twins) were born into our family, we had experienced extreme hardships. We had to hire somebody to take care of our daughters so that I could work to help ease my husband’s burden. Later, my husband had gone to an evangelical center called Maitrichit Suan Sayam which was only a small house located in suburban Bangkok. I didn’t have the idea when and how and why my husband had put his trust in God. However, he started to pray and talked to me about God. Although I had tried so hard to resist his new belief, he wouldn’t listen. This had caused serious quarrels for so many times that I nearly filed for divorce.

Then the evangelical center had moved to the new location, my husband were still stuck to his belief and went to worship God there. Finally, he received water baptism and thrown away Buddha images of his gigantic collection. This time I was so stunned and speechless.

My first encounter by God’s miracles was when our family had visited Pataya as a result of my husband’s joining a Christian retreat. Even though I still strongly resisted Christianity, I felt OK to bring our daughters to that seaside town. At the retreat, there’s a Christian teacher approaching me and telling me that if I had any problem I could pray to God for help. I then, for the first time, closed my eyes and prayed, “God, if You really exist, may You improve my family’s welfare that I can stay home and raise my own children…may we have our own business at home…and may our business is prosperous that we won’t lack anything anymore. Thank you God, amen.” However, I had never told anyone about my prayers.

One year since then, our family’s finances had been gradually improved. We had rented a house and converted it into a shop selling air-conditioners and accessories. My husband then told me to resign from work and stay home raising our children and helping him in this business. I still doubted whether this was God’s answer to my prayers. However, I started going to church. I had since constantly prayed to God to bless our business and God did granted my requests.

Our family’s business had been prospering until 25 August 2007 which was the most miserable day of my life. My husband, while working, had fallen down from the second floor of a building. He was in a very serious condition, having blood constantly flow from his left ear. He was extremely tormented. After taking him to Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, an immediate CT brain scan was made to him. There’s no response of the iris in both eyes, the doctors then had to do CPR on him. He was rushed to the operating theatre because he had basilar skull fracture. Some of his ribs were also broken, puncturing his lungs. The doctors said he was in coma and the possibility of death was enormous. All I could do was pray, “God, I would surrender to You if You could save my husband’s life. I believe You exist. Please help me.”

After the doctors had finished the operation (which was smooth, thank God), we had to wait and watch his symptoms. If he survived, he would loose his memory…couldn’t talk or do anything. Or at worst, he might in a vegetable state. I was very disheartened and couldn’t go on living if without helps and prayers from God’s servants and His people. Every moment of my life I cried and prayed, begging God to spare my husband’s life…asking Him for a miracle.

Praise the Lord that on the third day, my husband’s condition was dramatically improved. All of his symptoms of edema were gradually lessened. Both of his left arm and leg showed responsive signs. The doctors told me that at least three to five years or at most 10 years, my husband would be healed (but not completely).

During these times, God had abundantly bestowed His love upon me and my family in every aspect. I had seen and witnessed the wonder of united prayers of every Christian who knew our predicament. I had been supported: financially, physically, and mentally from all people surrounding me. Then one week had passed since the operation, my husband was released from the ICU. His condition had been so quickly improved that all the doctors astonishingly uttered the same sentence, “It’s a miracle!” My husband’s symptoms were improved every day until he could speak and recognize everyone and everything. I was so overwhelmed.

I thank God for His answers to fervent and incessant prayers of His children. He had proved Himself to be the God of miracles…the Wonderful Healer. This time I had wholeheartedly surrendered my life into His loving Hands.

Finally, my husband was discharged from the hospital, which took only 20 days from the day he was admitted. And within 3 months he could walk and live his normal life. At this time he was 100% healed.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to our God, to all brothers and sisters in Christ, and to everyone who had been God’s instruments in bringing healing and encouragement to our family. May the Lord, Almighty God be with you and bless you in everything you do.

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