I require Guidence

Hello Everyone.

Although im not Baptised , i do fully believe in the Christian Faith , and hence i believe in the Father , the Son and the holy spirit. I believer that Jesus died for our sins and that he is our saviour. I also repent Satan.

I have a few queries about some topcs which i am concerned about.

My first topic is music. Im a lover of rock / metal , and i always strive to stay away from violent and satanic bands. Is Metal music satanic altogether or is it just by those bands whom portray it? I listen to the likes of Metallica and Linkin Park, whos songs are about life and are something I can relate to and mostly have no religious meaning to. I want to know if it is acceptable as a christian to enjoy music from these artists.

My second topic (which is very recent) is about a game just released , some may have heard of it. Its name is Brutal Legend. It portrays heavily about metal music. However i believe this is a game which is VERY Satanic as it depicts his marks and demons in the game. One very worrying thing was a mission on a map marked by a Pentagram which caused me shock and I turned off my XBOX. I am currently considering returning to the shop because it offended me. I need guidence because im not sure if this game is satanic or just another “publicity stunt” made by Game Designers.

Thank you 🙂

PS* If this is the wrong forum – i apologise in advance.

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