I need the prayers of other Christians concerning my life partner

Dear all

I will be grateful for prayers from you all. I am currently waiting on the Lord concerning my marriage which I hope to take place this year. However, I want to share with you a certain experience that I feel needs some evaluation.

Some months back, I went to bed with a prayer that God should show me my husband. That night, I saw a brief picture of a young man jogging down a staircase and pulling out the tails of his shirt from his trouser. I did not see his face clearly but in that dream I thought he looked like a popular news correspondent who happens to be my friend on Facebook. I was so terrified of sharing this dream with anyone for the fear that I would be laughed at. For several days, I found myself wondering about the dream. I tried to reassess the state of my mind before I went to bed that fateful night to see if maybe I thought about the guy in question before going to bed. The truth is, I didn’t.

So, with fear in my heart, I ask God for another confirmation. Then, I dream that I am standing with this particular guy again and this time I see his face clearly, and the way we are standing together implies that we are a couple. In that dream, my friend tells him that she is a fan of his, and then I find myself alone with him, and he is saying the sun is too hot for him, and he wants to sit in a car. The next thing, we are sitting together in a car, and then I wake up.

Dear believers, I have prayed about these dreams, seeking to know if maybe my mind played a role in bringing them, but like I said, I went to God in prayer without harbouring thoughts of him. Also, certain qualities I asked God for in a man can be found in the man in question. These days, I have meditated on the word of God, and for some strange reason, I have a conviction that those dreams were a revelation from God. My fear now is who do I tell? The normal response I get would be laughter. Yet, I believe in the power of God to bring his word to pass in my life as he has promised that he will grant me my heart’s desires. Please, leave your comments and advice for me. I will truly appreciate it. Thanks and God bless!

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