I need prayer!!!!

I need prayer for tobacco addiction and just to grow in my walk with Jesus Christ. I just need alot of prayer. God bless you all. FH

What do YOU think?



  1. kennethleenorth says:

    May God grant you the strength to rise above your superstitutions and be honest with yourself. Set yourself some goals and then lay out a plan to achieve those goals. Remember, superstition is a large part of our lives which we nurture. Look at the time you allot in achieving your goals and ask yourself if tobacco is an end to those goals. Does it take away from the short space of time you have been alloted to walk this earth? We are so afraid of health concerns regarding tobacco that this superstition blinds us of the fact that we are being led astray, robbed of the fruit of our labors in pursuit of tobacco. How much time does tobacco take from you daily? How much time in consumption of tobacco? How much time in labor to acquire tobacco? How much time in guarding and caring for your tobacco? Is the sensation worth the price? By faith, is there another activity you can pursue?

  2. I know where you are coming from, friend. Consider it done!

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