I Need Help for My Daughters & Myself

I was Married to a Man for 18 years & I became very ill with MS,Fibromyalgia &Deteriorating arthritis. Then my Mother helped me with my girls. I became so ill that I ended up in ICU with pneumonia. When I was able to go home again things seemed better. THen My Husband began to Drink alcohol again. He was A person that 1 beer was Too many & 1000 beers would never be enough. During this time I started to fall asleep constantly. My mother would come & take my girls to her house to get them ready for school. One weekend my oldest Daughter came Home and we were talking & had dinner when I fell asleep again. Then I woke up having to go to the bathroom and walked in on my husband Raping our Daughter. I Beat him off of Her and I don’t know much of what happened next but I woke up in the living room having to use the bathroom & I thought that I. Dreamed it. So I went to go to the bathroom & walked up on him Raping her in our room. Needless to say. He is in Prison now. however, my Daughter became very violent after the rape. It was soo terrible that we (my mother & myself) had to have her removed from our home. I had been drugged with sleeping pills for quite some time. Now my daughter is speaking horrible lies about God & my mom, my other daughter & myself. I have Prayed for Gods help & have had so much shame from all that happened that I began to doubt the lord. I have been so bitter & hurt. But now I’m determined to take back what is mine & I know that my deliverer iis coming. My oldest claims to be bisexual & my other daughter is having gender issues as well. I pray for deliverance for my girls & for my deliverance from sickness. I do not hate my ex- husband ( I hate what He has Done) yet I will never return to him, because I juSt can’t trust him. I need As much help and prayers as possible. Thank – You & may Gods Blessings be upon all who read our story. Amen amen Amen

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  1. Dear John. Today is the 1st time in 4years that I have heard from my oldest Daughter. she was cruel and tried to bait Me to fight but I only told her to have a good life & that I Love her & left it at that. I ask that you & yours still lift us up in prayer. Also I neeD defense from her Words. I get Down on myself after I hear things that are cruel. EvEn when its not true. May the lord Christ Jesus bless you. And keep you in peace. Thank you. Annette

    • Timothy Luke says:

      Annette, it is so hard to not be condemned for the choices of our children. Others are doing it for us, if we do not do so ourselves! Recall the kings of Judah. Righteous ones often had evil children…. think of David… we often judge him for that. But, he also had Solomon. Isaac had both Esau, whom he loved, and Jacob, whom he despised – yet accepted in the end.
      Yet, sister, look at the other side of it and consider… Mannaseh was the most evil of kings, yet his son was one of the most righteous! Did Josiah and Hezekiah have such a marvelous upbringing that they came out so well???
      Therefore, God says, the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the fathers and the sins of the children shall not be imputed to them. There comes that time when we become adults and are responsible for our own lives and choices, without them being tied into another… A righteous person will forsake the evil of his parents or, will learn and embrace the righteousness of his parents, An evil child will likewise have the choice to embrace or reject the righteousness of their parents. Read Ezekiel 18 and realize their behaviors, lives, and choices are no longer about you. Yesterday and its mistakes are O – V – E – R.
      “Our faithful Father in Heaven, we thank you for loving us in the midst of our walk with you. We thank you for leading us in green pastures. We thank you for the healing that comes through Jesus Christ. We choose fo forgive our children for the words of hurt they have spoken. It was not them, but the devil speaking and sowing seeds of destruction through them. Heal their hurts and draw them to yourself Lord. Grant them repentance, and Annette as well, that she may acknowledge the truth and escape from the snare of the devil who has taken them captive in these areas. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
      Sister Annette, in the name of Jesus Christ, your good Lord and Shepherd, I release you from the darts of the enemy that have pierced your heart. I pull them out and we pour the oil of joy and healing on your wounding and pain. By his stripes you are healed. I also break the power of that infirmity over you and speak life and healing from this day forward as we tell the MS and FM and arthritis that it shall not have dominion over you.
      Read Our Story and let me know what you think afterwards…. I believe there is self hatred fueling the MS, fear fueling the FM and generalized bitterness from not handing over the hurts of the past that would feed into the arthritis… There are medical reasons for this that can be addressed and I will dialog more on that if it bears witness and you are interested!
      Blessings and peace to your household,

  2. Annette,

    It sounds like you have been through a lot over the years and it’s great to see that your hope in the Lord is still reaching out to Him. There is much healing and deliverance that needs to be done within one’s self so that you may become stronger to help those around you. I would suggest finding a good Christian counselor that you can begin to go see in order to work out some of the deep heart wounds that have been allowed to grow because of these occurrences in your life. There’s a great website run by Exodus International that may have a list of counselors in your region. They do have connections with many resources of individuals that specialize in areas such as you have described above, which you have dealt with. Read the Scriptures on a regular basis, as it will help encourage you and build up your faith more in this process. I can also suggest a book to you that may be helpful also. It’s called, “Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse,” by Paula Sandford. It may assist you with some greater insight as to how to go about your own healing and understanding the effects of it to your own family, from a Christian’s point of view and how to overcome with the Lord’s help. I hope this will help get you started in the right direction.

    Romans 10:11 As the Scriptures say, “Anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame.”

    Be led by the Holy Spirit and allow the Lord Jesus to heal and deliver you, as it will be a testimony of His Truth of Who He is. He is with you and knows where you’ve been and wants to heal you.


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